Technology transfer

We provide engineering training in the latest application knowledge, analysis tools and methodologies as part of your product development process.

A partner for every step of your product development process

Simcenter Engineering and Consulting Services helps you achieve and deploy the digital twin by providing engineering training in the latest tools and technologies used in the most competitive product development programs. Our consultants can help you increase your productivity by participating at each level and every stage in engineering projects. Your engineers will be involved in every step as our experts demonstrate established methodologies and conduct a technology transfer consisting of critical application know-how and best practices.

While pure technology transfer projects are an option, we strongly recommend integrating technology transfer into an actual product development program. This way, the benefits and corresponding profits of advanced techniques are realized immediately.

Engineers knowledge sharing using Simcenter software in an office.

Solutions tailored to your unique challenges

The scope and location of technology transfer can be tailored to your needs. Workshops or engineering training can be organized and directed by our expert project manager. Alternatively, your engineers can visit us and work directly in our facilities. For extensive projects, we can even organize customized, multi-week engineering training or bootcamps.

Engineers working together on a SimRod.