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Manufacturing process planning

Plan for manufacturing and validate plans to ramp up to production faster. Meet complex customer requirements with confidence and efficiently evolve your manufacturing processes and production facilities with flexibility and adaptability.

Why use manufacturing planning software?

As a manufacturer, you face many challenges that require you to rethink your manufacturing processes. Supply chain disruptions, multi-site operations and increasing customer demand for customized, sustainable products can strain your capacity and cause delays, backlogs and order cancellations.

To stay ahead of these complexities, you need a better approach to planning your manufacturing processes and achieving next-level production optimization.

How do you establish more flexible, adaptable and efficient manufacturing processes and optimize manufacturing productivity to meet complex customer requirements?

Implement a manufacturing process planning solution to help you plan, simulate, optimize and validate production. Develop and capitalize on a shared digital thread that runs through the entire manufacturing process.

Benefits of manufacturing process planning software

Generate and communicate the information needed to know what to make, and how to make it. Plan for and evaluate manufacturing scenarios, maximize resource utilization and optimize throughput from design to production — resulting in the implementation of the best production strategies.

Optimize processes with manufacturing planning software

Enable seamless data exchange and collaboration between design and manufacturing engineering. Manage complex processes with innovative and intuitive planning and simulation solutions.

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Data and process management

  • Create and manage a manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) and bill of process (BOP)
  • Reconcile engineering and manufacturing BOMs
  • Author and share electronic work instructions
  • Support line balancing and time analysis
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Line, cell and plant design

  • Manage line and cell design
  • Analyze operation times and perform line balancing
  • Manage manufacturing resources digitally
  • Manage plant design and simulation
  • Define plant and line manufacturing equipment
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Simulation and validation

  • Simulate and validate cell and production lines
  • Simulate and validate manufacturing processes in 3D environments
  • Ensure assembly feasibility and optimal performance
  • Communicate complete manufacturing process plans through a single platform

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Experience manufacturing process planning and integrated digital manufacturing solutions at your pace.

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A leading manufacturing process planning solution

Read about the award-winning UX for manufacturing process management with Teamcenter Easy Plan, and the inventors who are behind it.

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Top PLM software leadership recognition

Teamcenter is recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in PLM and has received the highest possible scores in more criteria than any other evaluated vendor in The Forrester Wave™: Product Lifecycle Management for Discrete Manufacturers, Q1 2023 report.

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We quickly realized that if we have a good bridge between the engineering department and manufacturing activities it will help us in terms of time-to-market and knowledge capture. It will improve the consistency between shop floor data and data that is created by the engineering teams.
Xavier Danger, Head of engineering, Duqueine

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Manufacturing planning software can be delivered any way you want it – on premises, on the cloud or cloud SaaS – operated by your IT team or Siemens.

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Frequently asked questions

Manufacturing process planning software assists you in the planning and optimization of your manufacturing process. It enables you to connect with your stakeholders and work collaboratively with accurate product and production data. Using a single source of truth for data, you can create optimal manufacturing process plans and implement the best production strategies to achieve your manufacturing goals.

Many manufacturing organizations still perform manufacturing process planning using enterprise resource planning (ERP) or computer-aided design (CAD) systems and spreadsheet-based tools. When relying on these solutions, real-time access to data and collaboration is not possible, and teams often have to manually synchronize data, leading to costly mistakes, poor product quality and delayed time-to-market.

Software that is specifically designed for manufacturing process planning is more sophisticated and provides a better approach to planning your manufacturing processes. With manufacturing process planning software, you can align process plans quickly and intelligently to support frequently changing product configurations.

By verifying manufacturing processes in 3D environments, it enables faster time-to-market by allowing virtual validation upfront and throughout new product introductions. Leveraging 3D models of products and resources, process simulate software facilitates simulation, validation, optimization and commissioning of complex manufacturing processes, leading to quicker launches and improved production quality.

Simulation helps to predict and address production bottlenecks in production operations by leveraging precise calculations over intuition. It helps to optimize manufacturing efficiency, minimize rework and enhance production planning in dynamic manufacturing environments including manual and automated processes.

Line design software enables accurate impact analysis and efficient change management for factory layouts, line layouts and equipment designs, directly linked to manufacturing process plans and simulation studies.

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