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Accelerate part manufacturing

Digitally transform your production using comprehensive software for part manufacturing. Effectively plan, collaborate and execute high-performance production using integrated software for CAD, CAM, CMM, robotics, additive manufacturing and more.

Improve your part manufacturing productivity

Customers’ demands for fast delivery times, near perfect accuracy and innovative products call for next-generation, agile part manufacturing processes. However, many manufacturers are still relying on traditional (and often inefficient) processes that are based on specialized, disconnected solutions and partial automation.

To meet customer expectations while still yielding the required productivity and profit margins, you need to be able to automate processes, while seamlessly connecting teams, processes, systems and machines. This end-to-end process helps you define the most optimal part manufacturing process, ensuring highly efficient production on the shop floor.

According to Lifecycle Insights:


27% of engineers said that production delays are primarily caused by data transfers between different software and design changes that are difficult to accommodate.


21% of companies report that they cannot rely entirely on their CAM software to generate toolpaths reliably. On a daily basis, they manually modify their toolpaths in their CAM software applications.


Many manufacturers are still working with disconnected workflows, with over 50% still relying on standalone CAD and CAM systems. This approach can be time-consuming and could delay time-to-delivery.

How can you produce highly precise, high-quality, customized and sustainable components on time and at scale — all while improving your overall productivity and profitability?

Implement an integrated software solution for tooling and part manufacturing. Automate and seamlessly connect design, production and operations in the digital machine shop using a proven, powerful suite of software tools and solutions.

What can a part manufacturing solution do for you?

Deliver high-precision parts faster with seamlessly integrated solutions for digital part manufacturing. Program CNC machines, robots, 3D printers and quality inspection equipment. Collaborate effectively by connecting people, systems and machines using a digital thread.

Boost your machine shop productivity

Improve your parts production with an integrated CAD/CAM solution that delivers a complete, integrated digital environment from initial concept design through finished parts. This unified system ensures seamless 3D model transitions across applications, optimizing your production workflow.

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CAM software

Automate programming of CNC (computer numerical control) machines and robots to manufacture high-precision parts using advanced toolpath technologies and integrated G-code-driven simulation.

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Additive manufacturing

Design, simulate, prepare and 3D print innovative products. Create intricate and complex parts with enhanced geometries with reduced material waste.

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Part quality control

Validate part quality using a closed-loop solution that connects coordinate measuring machines (CMM) inspection programming, execution and measured data analysis.

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Tooling and fixture design

Automate the design of associative molds, progressive and stamping dies and fixtures using process-based design applications.

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Data and process management

Seamlessly connect engineering and the shop floor using a single source of manufacturing data for more efficient production of high-quality parts


30-day free part manufacturing software trial

Try NX CAM today and discover high-performance part manufacturing.

Program any job using one CAM system. Machine using advanced technologies, automate NC programming and increase machine uptime.

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A proven, trusted leader in CAM

The NX CAM experience goes beyond powerful software. See for yourself why users consistently rate NX CAM highly.

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With NX, we are able to map the entire manufacturing process, from design and CAM programming to additive manufacturing and quality assurance, with just one software. We were able to create a new component from the first idea to a ready-to-use part within 10 days. With our former process, this would have taken several weeks.
Thomas Hilger, Managing Director and Owner, Lightway

Start your NX journey with trusted support and training

Start your part manufacturing journey with ease. Our tailored support and flexible offerings will guide you along the way.

Scale your way

Stay ahead with the seamless integration of NX CAM into our wider digital manufacturing solution. Address evolving industry needs with a range of software for 3D printing, robotics, production line design and more.

Access training

Get started with Siemens Xcelerator Academy. Master NX CAM to become a leading expert in tooling and part manufacturing process optimization.

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Connect with fellow manufacturing experts, learn new techniques, share ideas and continuously grow your expertise in tooling and part manufacturing.

Frequently asked questions

Computer-aided manufacturing software is a powerful tool used by NC programmers to create detailed instructions (G-code) for CNC machine tools. These instructions guide machines that manufacture various parts to achieve the desired precision and quality. Manufacturers from different industries rely on CAM software to digitalize the production of components of various complexity. It automates and streamlines the manufacturing process and enhances the overall productivity of machining operations.

Part manufacturing and tooling software solutions help automate and seamlessly connect design, production and operations in a digital machine shop. They enable seamless data flow from planning to production with a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools: CAD, CAM, robotics, CNC (computer numerical control) machining, CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection and 3D printing.

Tooling and part manufacturing software solutions enable engineers to create highly precise, high-quality and customized components faster and at scale. In fact, with an integrated solution, engineers can create components up to four times faster — slashing lead time in half — while accelerating CNC programming by 91%. The digital machine shop enables seamless, data-driven production from 3D design to CNC machining and robotics, to quality control and finished parts. It empowers companies to run a more efficient, competitive, profitable and sustainable business.

When selecting CAM software, use the following guidelines to ensure you find the best fit for your business:

  • Ensure that it can address your specific manufacturing needs and offers easy integration with your other software such as CAD, CMM and shop floor applications.
  • Evaluate based on comprehensive toolset, ease of use, simulation capabilities, postprocessing options and technical support.
  • Explore trial versions and prioritize software that seamlessly aligns with your workflow requirements.
  • Assess scalability and future growth potential to ensure your chosen CAM software can adapt to evolving manufacturing demands.

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