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Scheduling and production planning software

Create realistic production plans and schedules to drive more efficient, effective operations while keeping your production and business objectives aligned.

Why use production planning software?

Creating realistic production plans and schedules is traditionally a challenging task as it requires manufacturers to coordinate multiple factors, resources and variables to meet production goals efficiently. With the additional complexity and constraints of supply chain disruptions and growing demand for customized products, it has become increasingly difficult for planners to stay on top of their plans and schedules.

Manufacturers can overcome these challenges with a production planning and scheduling solution. By integrating critical systems and data, production planning solutions empower teams to produce optimized, realistic plans and schedules, stay in control of their production and increase on-time delivery.

With production planning software, you can achieve:


Multiplied workload

Drive cross-domain collaboration to increase working capacity and multiply workload by up to 20X. (Proform)


Reduced delivery time

Plan production processes well in advance and reduce delivery time by up to 50%. (C. E. Schneckenflügel)


Increased administrative efficiency

Enhance project management capabilities and increase administrative efficiency by up to 87%. (Proform)

How do you accelerate time-to-market while managing growing and complex demands for customized goods without compromising on quality, cost and business profitability?

Implement an advanced production planning and scheduling (APS) solution to design and optimize production plans and schedules. Gain greater control over your production processes while keeping delivery times as promised.

What can production planning software do for you?

Enhance long-term strategic planning, medium-term tactical planning and detailed sequencing and scheduling using production planning and scheduling software. Ensure efficient production, minimize downtime and improve customer service.

Accelerate production planning and scheduling

Optimize and automate production planning and scheduling processes. Maximize efficiency to minimize production time and costs. Enhance long- and mid-term planning for your production facilities.

Explore production planning and scheduling solution capabilities below, or visit Opcenter.

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Detailed production scheduling

  • Create order-based multi-constraint scheduling
  • Model and optimize resource constraints
  • Model material usage
  • Visualize assembly processes
  • View schedules and track order progression
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Master production planning

  • Improve bill of materials planning
  • Enable make-to-order planning
  • Perform make-to-stock planning
  • Visualize production schedules

Opcenter Scheduling Standard

Get started with a fast, interactive scheduling system in just minutes. Provide enhanced scheduling feasibility and full visibility across your organization with Opcenter Scheduling Standard.

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling for CPG

Experience an advanced planning and scheduling solution specifically tailored for the consumer packaged goods industry. Plan for the best production schedule, ensuring your production throughput is maximized based on priorities and production rules.

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Opcenter Scheduling SMT

Make smart scheduling decisions at a factory level with Opcenter Scheduling SMT for the electronics industry. Optimize and manage your PCB production plans with full flow coverage and real-time performance analysis.

Person working on a computer in an office.
Using Opcenter APS ties it all together, giving us an opportunity to be upfront with our customers and to help identify what’s going to contribute the most success to the program.
Michael Moses, Master Scheduler, Applied Composites

Trusted support for production planning and scheduling

Start your APS journey with ease. Our support and service offerings will guide you along the way.

Personalize your APS solution

Leverage the power of low-code embedded capabilities, like Mendix, to create unique out-of-the-box solutions personalized for your business needs.

Access training

Adopt Opcenter APS and master its elements with ease. Get on-demand or instructor-led training.

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Frequently asked questions

An APS solution helps manufacturers manage production planning and shop floor scheduling. It provides full visibility into resource capacity and considers all manufacturing constraints to produce optimized, realistic plans and schedules, all while ensuring production remains aligned with overall business objectives.

Production planning and scheduling software enables you to keep production schedules up to date and deliver on time. It enhances control of production processes, improving machine utilization, impact analysis of ‘what if’ scenarios and identification of bottlenecks. With our APS solution, Opcenter APS, you will be able to improve decision making, transparency, collaboration and responsiveness to reschedule plans within seconds.

Implementing a production scheduling software solution can improve manufacturing efficiency in various ways, including:

  • Increased on-time deliveries
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Reduced materials inventory
  • Ability to release feasible plans and schedules in minutes or even seconds

Opcenter APS is open and interoperable, allowing it to connect seamlessly with other key systems, such as:

It provides greater visibility into your production capacity, processes, inventory and other required resources so you can deliver more informed production plans and schedules — in less time.

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