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Program management solution

Program management software

Take control of your planning, scheduling, resources and processes – including change cycle time – to realize better project, product and program execution.

Why use program management software?

Products, organizations and supply chains are becoming more complex alongside increasing customer demands. As a result, the processes needed to bring products to market within set timelines and budgets have also become more intricate.

Managers and team leaders must be able to effectively coordinate complex teams, data and timelines. Relying solely on traditional workflow tools is not sufficient. They need better visibility into resources, scope of work, pipeline information, project-related costs, status and more. Program management software provides those necessary insights.


99% of respondents say that digital transformation initiatives are considered to be the top driver of change in the process management discipline.


47% of respondents say that developing a comprehensive strategy to align continuous improvement efforts across the organization presents a multifaceted challenge.


39% of respondents say that crafting clear goals to assess project success presents a substantial hurdle for organizations.

How can you streamline your program management to accelerate the time-to-market of innovative products, while improving planning and execution visibility across the board?

Implement an integrated solution for program management that provides a bottom-up approach to project execution, enabling stakeholders to efficiently monitor the status of key deliverables.

What does program management software do for you?

Leverage integrated program management software to manage all program artifacts in a single location, automate standard program management activities and complete large program replanning in just a few steps.

Stay organized with a program management solution

Effectively coordinate resources across your program and clearly understand impacts across projects using Teamcenter PLM process management. Create estimates based on past performance and integrate cost, schedule, requirements, inputs and outputs for a complete work package definition.

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Brand management

  • Utilize a brand ownership model to bolster stakeholder engagement and streamline decision making
  • Monitor the brand and product lifecycle
  • Set strategic roadmaps and establish goals and constraints for medium- and long-term brand development
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Initiative management

  • Accurately capture campaign goals and align program efforts
  • Break down initiative planning into manageable project requests, enhancing monitoring and control
  • Provide a framework to manage work groupings and efficiently execute expected deliverables
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Execution management

  • Ensure project requests are commercially justified, identify reusable assets and specify deliverables
  • Plan for concurrent execution of activities across disciplines
  • Group related processes for seamless handover between product design, process planning, engineering, execution and validation
Teamcenter X

30-day free program management software trial

Plan, develop and deliver innovative products with Teamcenter X and discover why it is a leading choice in PLM. Take a guided tour of our software as a service (SaaS) PLM portfolio and choose your starting point.

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What PLM solution is best for you?

G2 ranks products based on customer reviews. G2 named Teamcenter the best PLM software for any size company – outperforming 99 others. Take a look at the PLM software comparison grid to see the top ranking for Teamcenter.

G2 Teamcenter 2024 winter award banners. G2 named Teamcenter the best PLM software for any size company.
By eliminating custom quoting tools, email-based RFQs and integrating sourcing process within the Mercury Teamcenter system, we were able to unify data sources across multiple functional groups and increase the throughput of early supplier involvement events.
Praveen Sreedhar, Solutions Architect; Mercury Digital Services, Mercury Marine

Implement program management software with full support

Start your program management journey with ease. Our support and service offerings will guide you along the way.

Deploy your way

Implement Teamcenter on the cloud using a provider of your choice, or SaaS by Siemens. Or deploy on-premise and manage with your IT team. It is not just a large enterprise solution.

Access training

Adopt Teamcenter and master its elements with ease. Get on-demand and instructor-led training.

Join the community

Join the conversation and get answers to your questions from Teamcenter experts.

Frequently asked questions

What is program management software?

Program management software is a specialized solution designed to aid organizations in the planning, execution and management of a portfolio of projects and initiatives, collectively referred to as a program. It supports companies in overseeing multiple projects concurrently, ensuring they are in line with strategic goals. It also helps optimize resource allocation and facilitates effective communication among team members and stakeholders. By centralizing project data and providing real-time visibility into project status and performance, program management software empowers organizations to enhance program delivery efficiency, maximize resource utilization and effectively achieve their business objectives.

Why should my company adopt program management software?

In order to significantly improve time-to-market and deliver innovative products in a compressed timeline, while improving planning and execution visibility across the board, companies should adopt an integrated approach to program management software. The integrated environment, where both planning and execution are visible to the entire project team, enables you to run a more efficient, competitive, profitable and sustainable business.

How does Siemens' program management solution support product planning and manufacturing execution?

Our program management solution supports product planning and manufacturing execution by integrating various aspects of development and production. It enables efficient resource allocation, scheduling and coordination, ensuring alignment with manufacturing capabilities. The solution includes robust risk management and quality control features to minimize disruptions and maintain product standards. Additionally, it fosters collaboration and communication among project teams, promoting transparency and alignment across the organization.

How does program management software assist with product budgets?

Program management software aids in the management of product budgets by facilitating comprehensive budget planning, real-time cost tracking and forecasting. It enables users to create detailed budgets, monitor actual costs against projections and anticipate future expenses. This support assists organizations in maintaining financial transparency, making informed decisions and ensuring projects stay within budgetary constraints.

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