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Requirements management solution

Requirements management software

Integrate the voice of the customer directly into product development by managing, linking and continuously verifying product requirements throughout the lifecycle. Our solutions are scalable for businesses of all sizes.

Why use requirements management software?

Requirements are the blueprint for product development, but traditional paper and document-driven approaches to requirements management are not sufficient for meeting complex customer needs. As a product developer, you must ensure your products will be compliant by design with the whole set of use case scenarios.

To stay ahead of product development challenges and keep your customers’ needs top of mind, adopt a modern data-driven approach by implementing a product lifecycle management (PLM) system. By doing so, you can leverage an open, interoperable and flexible backbone which will manage the comprehensive digital twin and provide an integrated requirements and verification solution.


of product development leaders cite faster time-to-market as the top goal of their design documentation improvement efforts. (Lifecycle Insights)


of product development leaders state that they actively pursue design documentation improvements to avoid downstream development delays and resulting costs. (Lifecycle Insights)


of product development leaders report that the top goal of their design documentation improvement efforts is to address increasing complexity. An additional 39% rank it as the second most important objective. (Lifecycle Insights)

How do you develop products that are compliant by design and meet compound customer requirements as well as ambitious regulatory, safety and sustainability commitments?

Create, manage and connect product requirements within PLM software. Provide visibility to all requirements stakeholders for complete traceability and verification of requirements.

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What can requirements management software do for you?

Requirements management software empowers you to develop compliant products faster and more efficiently. Meet complex customer requirements and regulatory commitments by leveraging a comprehensive digital twin and flexible PLM for integrated requirements and verification.

Streamline requirements and verification management

Leverage requirements verification and validation software to connect disparate requirement sources and guide all aspects of product development with a single source of truth. Link requirements to PLM program tasks, test cases, manufacturing processes and supply chains for complete traceability.

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Requirements management

Capture and relate requirements within Teamcenter so they become part of the product baseline.

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Verification management

Provide visibility into necessary verification and validation (V&V) and ensure product complies with customer needs.

Teamcenter X

30-day free requirements management software trial

Plan, develop and deliver innovative products with Teamcenter X and discover why it is a leading choice in PLM. Take a guided tour of our software as a service (SaaS) PLM portfolio and choose your starting point.

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Top PLM software leadership recognition

Teamcenter was recognized by Forrester Wave™ as a Leader in PLM for Discrete Manufacturers. Businesses of all sizes choose the Teamcenter PLM portfolio to drive their digital transformation so they can innovate and leverage the most comprehensive digital twin.

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Teamcenter plays a strategic role in our success in the market, so we’re continually expanding its use to cover additional application areas. Converting to Teamcenter has sustainably boosted the efficiency of the ZKW change procedures, and further increased the company’s capability to react swiftly and get excellent results.
Erich Schildberger, Group Leader of Data Management, ZKW Group

Adopt a requirements management solution with support

Start your requirements and verification management journey with ease. Our support and service offerings will guide you along the way.

Deploy your way

Implement Teamcenter on the cloud using a provider of your choice, or SaaS by Siemens. Or deploy on-premise and manage with your IT team. It is not just a large enterprise solution.

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Frequently asked questions

Requirements and verification management software aids organizations in overseeing and monitoring project or product requirements along with associated verification tasks. It offers tools for capturing, documenting, and organizing requirements, promoting collaboration among team members. Additionally, it facilitates tracing requirements across the project lifecycle, managing requirement changes, and ensuring verification activities align with the set requirements.

The software streamlines the process of defining, tracking and verifying project or product requirements, enabling teams to deliver products aligned with stakeholder needs and requirements.

To enhance efficiency, ensure compliance and improve collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, your company should adopt an integrated requirements and verification management solution. By centralizing requirements, tracking alterations and overseeing verification tasks, the solution reduces errors and rework. It fosters improved communication and alignment among team members, resulting in expedited product development cycles and superior deliverables. Furthermore, it facilitates compliance with regulatory standards and stakeholder expectations, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and boosting competitiveness in the market.

To ensure products will be compliant by design with the whole set of use case scenarios — including mechanical, electrical, electronics and software requirements, as well as regulatory, safety or sustainability aspects — you need to select a modern solution that will help your organization move away from traditional paper and document-driven practices. The following criteria can help you select the right PLM base for an integrated requirements and verification solution:

  • Requirements traceability: Traces each requirement through the stages of development, testing and deployment.
  • Version control: Tracks changes to requirements over time and maintains different versions.
  • Integration capabilities: Integrates with other tools used in the development process such as project management tools, version control systems, testing tools and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) environments.
  • Scalability: Scales according to the size and complexity of projects and organizational growth with the ability to handle a growing amount of data and number of users without impacting performance.
  • Industry compliance: Meets specific industry standards and compliance requirements, which can be critical in regulated industries like healthcare, automotive and aerospace.

A requirements and verification management solution streamlines product verification by centralizing project requirements, ensuring everyone works with the most current information. It facilitates traceability between requirements and verification activities, allowing teams to track verified requirements and ensure thorough testing. It simplifies verification tasks, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency. It enables effective communication among team members, fostering collaboration throughout the verification process. Additionally, reporting and analytics capabilities help teams monitor verification progress and identify areas for improvement, enabling data-driven decision making to enhance verification efficiency.

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