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supply chain management solutions

Supply chain management software

Coordinate processes, manage information and drive early supplier involvement across all stages of the product lifecycle in a cohesive supply chain management (SCM) environment.

Why use supply chain management software?

Supply chain dynamics change by the hour, requiring teams to redesign and revise strategies. When operating with outdated data, businesses suffer the costs of hours of additional work and substantial financial losses.

Access to real-time information is key to mitigating these challenges and saving millions. An integrated solution to SCM can provide you with efficient sourcing and expedited data exchanges, propelling your business forward while ensuring you maintain compliance with sustainability standards.

According to Tive's β€œState of Visibility 2024” survey:


Nearly 80% of supply chain professionals recognize the importance of real-time visibility in 2024.


68% of supply chain professionals report being very involved in their company’s supply chain operations and shipment visibility.


41% of supply chain professionals consider shipment visibility a high priority, underlining its critical role in enhancing digital strategies.

How can you create a cohesive supply chain management environment that delivers high-quality, sustainable products faster while driving agility and reducing cycle times?

Implement an integrated SCM solution that enables easy sharing of design specifications, provides real-time visibility and offers insights into the supply chain operations.

Benefits of supply chain management software

Leverage an integrated SCM software solution to enable a straightforward, responsive and secure supplier management system. Coordinate processes and encourage early supplier involvement throughout all stages of the product lifecycle.

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What PLM solution is best for you?

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By eliminating custom quoting tools, email-based RFQs and integrating sourcing process within the Mercury Teamcenter system, we were able to unify data sources across multiple functional groups and increase the throughput of early supplier involvement events.
Praveen Sreedhar, Solutions Architect; Mercury Digital Services, Mercury Marine

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Frequently asked questions

SCM involves planning, coordinating and optimizing the flow of goods, services, information and finances from origin to consumption. It integrates key processes like procurement, production, inventory, logistics and distribution to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and meet customer demands. SCM relies on collaboration, technology and continuous improvement to ensure smooth operations and provide a competitive advantage.

With SCM software, manufacturers can streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance their competitiveness. By enabling a cohesive supply chain management environment, the software optimizes processes, improves visibility and fosters collaboration across the supply chain network.

SCM software facilitates sustainable manufacturing by:

  • Enhancing transparency in supplier practices
  • Optimizing transportation routes to reduce emissions
  • Minimizing waste through efficient inventory management
  • Improving demand forecasting to reduce overproduction
  • Enabling responsible product lifecycle management
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations

Yes, SCM software can reduce cycle times by optimizing processes such as planning, inventory management, real-time data analysis, automation, collaboration and predictive analytics. By improving efficiency and visibility throughout the supply chain, SCM software enables faster decision making, minimizes idle time and delays and enhances overall supply chain performance.

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