Premium Support

After-hours Maintenance

Emergency telephone support is available for customers who have purchased a maintenance contract to address critical priority situations in which the software production installation ceases to function entirely or causes a severe disruption to operations.*

Emergency support

Hours of service for critical issues

24 hours a day / 5 days a week / Monday - Friday

When to make an emergency call

Normal business hours
During normal business hours, the customer should contact the Siemens Digital Industries Software support team by following the standard phone menu.

Outside of normal business hours
Follow the emergency call instructions for emergency telephone support by region.

How to make an emergency call

Locate your region and the product you need support in the table below. If a
direct phone number is specified, dial that number; otherwise, follow the steps below.

1. Dial your local Customer Support phone number. Find this number here:

2. Press "0" during the announcement to enter the emergency support

3. Enter your SoldTo/Site ID.

4. Enter one of the five-digit PINs from the table below according to the product you need support
for and your region.

*Applies to Managed Services, Polarion and Valeo Support Service


Office hours

Emergency PIN / Phone number

Managed Services

Please refer to your local office hours.


Silver and Gold Customers

Please refer to your local office hours.



Please refer to your local office hours.


Siemens Cloud Solutions

Please refer to your local office hours.


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Support center employees with headsets assist customers.