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Incident report classification levels

Learn more about our support incident report classification levels and descriptions.

While we always recommend contacting us directly by phone when encountering an urgent or severe problem to get the quickest response and attention, we provide an incident report classification using our web-based incident reporting tool. This tool enables you to easily classify issues, create or manage incident reports and immediately provide additional information to our support agents. You can also classify issues when calling directly on the phone.

Our support goals related to response times and resolution remain the same. We always strive to address any and all reported issues quickly and completely and have always had internal processes to identify critical situations. We will continue to deliver responsive and specialized support for all issues reported to us in all classification categories.

Critical: production site down, action halted, time-critical

The production system or deployment is currently inoperative. Continued usage of one or more critical functions of the product/deployment is impossible and prevents normal usage or deployment. Critical business operation and usage are severely affected on a production system or deployment process system. The problem is time-critical and causes a production or deployment stoppage.

When classifying an issue as "Critical," you will be required to provide additional information to clarify this assessment.

High: severe functionality loss, production/usage impact, time-sensitive

A high incident report level indicates a severe functionality loss of the production system or deployment, but the system remains operational. A high incident report level signifies a problem that severely affects the significant functionality of the product and restricts continued usage. The issue is time-sensitive and may be causing an immediate functional stoppage.

General: minor functionality impact, usage continues, default-priority

A general incident report level means a functionality issue has occurred, but processing can continue. It can also mean a non-business critical function is not performing properly.

Business operations are continuing; the impact is minor, or a workaround exists. The problem can be time-sensitive but is not causing an immediate work stoppage. Usage can continue in a restricted fashion. This is the default priority level if an incident priority is not otherwise specified.

Low: support information/questions, enhancement requests

A request or question for general support or information on a product. There is no work stoppage, and operations can continue in an unrestricted manner. This type of incident includes requests for a new feature or functionality in the existing product or important long-term functionality.

Reclassified incidents

If an incident report is incorrectly classified, it will be reclassified by our support agents after review. If there is not a common understanding or agreement on the classification, the issue can be addressed and discussed further, as needed.

All issues reported are important to us. We hope this addition to our tools will help us help you in addressing and resolving your issues to your complete satisfaction.