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Camstar Systems

Camstar manufacturing execution systems fully define the executable manufacturing process, drive automatic enforcement, provide self-auditing data, and deliver global visibility.

What is Camstar Systems?

Camstar Systems, now part of Siemens Opcenter, provides the manufacturing execution system (MES) pillar of a complete manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution. Three Camstar MES software suites tailor manufacturing execution to the medical device and diagnostics (MD&D), semiconductor, and electronics industries.

Camstar manufacturing execution systems provide manufacturing control by systematically and proactively enforcing quality and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. Camstar MES software can connect multiple plants or sites in a full supply chain, making live production information visible and enabling optimization of manufacturing processes across the enterprise. Camstar MES software integrates easily with equipment, controllers, and enterprise business applications.

Earning a reputation as robust, intuitive, and easy to use, Camstar Systems supports highly complex process workflows, high-volume automated data collection, mass customization, and demanding manufacturing traceability requirements.

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Understand the benefits

Camstar systems provide manufacturers with capabilities that enable rapid change, lean manufacturing, consistent quality output, rapid new product introductions (NPIs), and higher profit margins.

Eliminate non-value-add activities

Facilitate the elimination of non-value-add activities in manufacturing operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs by streamlining processes and enforcing best practices.

Trace analysis

Swiftly identify, diagnose root causes and efficiently resolve issues throughout the production process, contributing to improved quality control and operational reliability.

Product quality

Improve product quality with robust capabilities for quality control, ensuring consistent output and adherence to specifications, resulting in enhanced overall product excellence.

Supply chain visibility

Gain real-time control and visibility across the manufacturing supply chain, facilitating informed decision-making and optimizing production processes for increased efficiency and responsiveness.

Lower cost

Enforce efficient manufacturing processes, minimizing defects and streamlining quality management, ultimately reducing expenses associated with rework or warranty issues.

Improved analytics

Obtain comprehensive data and insights, allowing for fact-based operational and strategic decisions that contribute to enhanced efficiency, productivity and overall business performance.

Camstar MES Functionality

Camstar MES solutions are architected for global use, enabling end-to-end visibility for real-time control of mission-critical operations. Camstar manufacturing execution system solutions offer:

Scalability — Camstar systems can add greater capacity, including more users, more facilities and transactions, as a manufacturer’s needs grow.

Extensibility — Camstar systems also add functionality, both in the form of additional modules and through “code-less extensibility,” which enables non-IT Camstar users to build applications customized to their specific needs.

Integration-readiness — Camstar systems may operate as standalone digital point solutions or may be integrated into a linked ecosystem of manufacturing IT functions, including MOM, QMS, ERP, and PLM systems.

Camstar manufacturing execution systems support rapid, informed decisions in fast-changing operating environments. Camstar MES software functionality includes:

  • Monitoring and synchronizing manufacturing activities across multiple production lines, manufacturing plants, and supplier networks
  • Tracking of product and order details on the shop floor
  • Transaction collection for reporting to financial and planning systems
  • Paperless manufacturing, including the electronic dispatch of orders and manufacturing instructions to the shop floor
  • Flexible modeling and changing of complex processes with immediate enforcement
  • Real-time quality checks
  • Yield monitoring
  • Specification and business rule enforcement
  • Traceability of as-manufactured lot, batch, device, or unit
  • Real-time feedback for rapid identification and resolution of manufacturing issues

Camstar MES systems adapt to the specific requirements of different industrial processes, generating a rich ecosystem of industry-specific functionalities. Key industries are served by three Camstar suites:

Camstar Medical Device Suite

(see Opcenter Execution Medical Device and Diagnostics)

Camstar Systems solutions include an MES designed specifically for the medical device and diagnostics industry, including discrete, batch, and combination device manufacturing. Camstar Medical Device Suite digitalizes MD&D manufacturing operations, enforcing highly efficient, compliant manufacturing processes that accelerate the delivery of innovative products at the highest levels of quality. Camstar Medical Device Suite offers MES capabilities for paperless manufacturing and error-proofing processes, as well as paperless traceability through electronic device history records (eDHRs) and electronic batch records (eBRs).

Camstar Medical Device Suite is the foundation for top-tier global manufacturers and product innovators that want to enable rapid change, lean manufacturing, consistent quality output, rapid new product introductions (NPIs), and higher profit margins.

Camstar Medical Suite can be used to complete the technology infrastructure for medical device and diagnostic manufacturing through the integration of the shop floor with enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM). Camstar Medical Device Suite:

  • Creates a paperless manufacturing environment across batch and discrete operations
  • Delivers self-auditing eDHRs and eBRs
  • Eliminates non-value-added activities
  • Enforces good manufacturing practices and regulatory compliance
  • Error-proofs the manufacturing processes
  • Accelerates and controls configuration and change management

Camstar Semiconductor Suite

(see Opcenter Execution Semiconductor)

Camstar Semiconductor Suite for semiconductor manufacturing is a comprehensive MES that enables both wafer fabrication, assembly and test factories to meet traceability requirements, control production, and integrate the shop floor into their ERP system and extended enterprise. Camstar Semiconductor Suite is a configurable, scalable, and modular platform for semiconductor production.

Camstar Semiconductor Suite represents a technology approach that presents great opportunities for semiconductor manufacturers, helping them achieve high levels of innovation, yield, and process improvement at the same time. Camstar Semiconductor Suite effectively replaces legacy and siloed manufacturing systems that can no longer keep pace with the demanding and ever-changing requirements of semiconductor manufacturing.

Camstar Semiconductor Suite enables semiconductor manufacturers to:

  • Replace the basic WIP tracking of legacy MES with capabilities including dispatching, statistical process control (SPC), nonconformance management, maintenance management, dashboards, paperless manufacturing, and more.
  • Deploy one configurable enterprise MES across a manufacturer’s global front-end and back-end operations, including fab, probe, assembly, test, and subcontracted work. Standardization enables consistency in global reporting and simplification of application support.
  • Replace legacy systems with a modern and robust MES that is powerful enough to handle high transaction volumes and is flexible enough to meet each site’s specific needs.

Camstar Electronics Suite

(see Opcenter Execution Electronics)

Camstar Electronics Suite is a fully digital manufacturing solution for the electronics industry. It can be extended throughout the electronics value chain, including PCB, mechanical assembly, and box-build production operations. Camstar Electronics Suite supports these operations with direct connectivity to machines and production lines. It includes unique and best-in-class MOM capabilities from Siemens Digital Industries Software and Valor Software: manufacturing execution, quality management, materials management, planning and scheduling, and manufacturing intelligence.

Camstar Electronics Suite is designed to help electronics manufacturers with the market’s accelerating demands for frequent design modifications, short product lifecycles, and increased production and product complexities. Camstar Electronics Suite enables PCB and box assemblers to improve production control, achieve required traceability, and integrate the production floor into PLM and ERP systems. The results of Camstar Electronics Suite implementation include the simultaneous achievement of improved quality and reduced cost of operations.

Camstar Electronics Suite allows electronics manufacturers to change and reconfigure the manufacturing and quality processes at the speed required to meet increased customer demand and quality requirements, regardless of product complexity and plant location. Using the Camstar Electronics Suite, manufacturers can standardize, define, and enforce manufacturing and quality processes globally across multiple sites to produce the highest product quality while reducing costs.