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Directeur d'usine répartissant les tâches de fabrication sur plusieurs chaînes de production de faisceau.

Solution électrique

Logiciel de conception électrique

Accélérez la conception électrique sophistiquée pour les faisceaux de câbles, la fabrication et les publications de service grâce au logiciel robuste de Siemens. Différenciez vos produits et favorisez l’électrification complexe des véhicules et des avions grâce au développement efficace de systèmes électriques et électroniques (E/E).

Why electrical design software?

Electrical design software lets electrical engineers and designers create, analyze and optimize electrical systems. These tools help you streamline your processes and give you the confidence to create accurate designs faster.


By using the right digital tools, Firefly Aerospace, a space transportation startup, realized a 70% reduction in harness installation and checkouts. 


With the correct electrical design software, a large aerospace OEM cut space payload integration time by 45%.  


Accurate documentation helps ensure rapid and effective vehicle maintenance, allowing Groupe PSA to realize a 30% schedule reduction. 

Are you searching for a way to develop, document or maintain your electrical distribution systems in complex products like vehicles or aircrafts?

Implement an E/E systems design solution to efficiently develop, engineer and validate your most complex products and seamlessly bridge the boundaries between engineering domains. Get to market faster with less program risk.

Electrical design software solutions

Solve your electrical design needs, ranging from connectivity through harness design, and from manufacturing to documentation and after-sales. Create a comprehensive model-based digital twin of your products and processes and ensure data is consistent and accurate throughout the design process.

Excel with Capital, our E/E systems portfolio

Bring advanced technology into your E/E systems design, harness manufacturing and after-sales documentation with Capital. Manage large platforms like cars, aircrafts and complex machines. Efficiently design, manufacture and service the essential electrical systems.

Trois membres d'une équipe d'ingénierie des systèmes électriques au travail dans un bureau

Generate and analyze E/E designs

  • Apply traditional interactive and state-of-the-art generative design approaches
  • Design best-in-class efficiency and quality 
  • Assess designs at all stages and verify against requirements 
Une personne travaillant dans l'ingénierie de faisceaux de câbles portant des gants blancs sur un formboard et qui assemble un faisceau.

Engineer cost reductions

  • Optimize designs and improve wiring harness quality  
  • Shrink program launch cycles for increasingly complex designs  
  • Apply automation and simulation across product lines  
Une personne portant des gants blancs assemblant une conception de formboard de faisceau.

Design, manufacture, optimize

  • Accurately design, optimize and cost the manufacturing processes 
  • Manage figures for labor, material and resources required to produce harnesses  
  • Harness the power of the digital twin to enhance productivity 
Vue d'une tablette avec une documentation aéronautique interactive montrant la publication de service en temps réel avec l'avion en arrière-plan.

Document and publish

  • Reuse design data to create technical publications 
  • Document design changes through the digital thread of data 
  • Enable electrical diagnostics and troubleshooting 

Try Capital with 30-day free software trial

  • Fully licensed software with sample files and guided tutorials
  • No massive downloads or lengthy installations
  • Ready to go! Instant access anytime, anywhere
Capital is a true electrical collaboration platform that provides the digital continuity we need across a broad range of critical tasks to get EV electrical systems to customers faster.
Kishi Shingo, Executive Officer, PUES

Advantages of electrical design software

Our solution includes collaboration, automation capabilities and integration with other best-in-class tools like product lifecycle management (PLM), application lifecycle management (ALM), mechanical CAD and so many more. 


Use electrical design software to optimize electrical system design, improving quality and creating integrated platform implementation. Use both traditional interactive and state-of-the-art generative design.


Embrace the power of automation to easily, quickly and accurately create, modify and update designs. Replace the extensive manual effort normally required and save time while reducing the risk of errors.


Integrate seamlessly with other design tools such as Teamcenter and NX, creating a comprehensive ecosystem that spans the entire product lifecycle. Ensure engineers have up-to-date data to transition from design to manufacturing.

Frequently asked questions

What is electrical design software?

Electrical design software are specialized tools engineers and designers use to meet the challenges of today's most complex products. These challenges include connectivity, safety and cost control. It ensures the signals from electronic units, such as those with embedded software or electro-mechanical devices, such as a switch or a motor, are connected correctly. It is used to confirm a safe and robust supply of power to all components in a system and also optimize the electrical distribution system for weight, cost and mechanical packaging. With this specialized software, you can ensure that the design complies with regulations.

These challenges are growing, driven by the fact that innovative product functionality is now primarily delivered by electrical, electronic and software systems. Software specifically created for E/E development helps you design, manufacture, document and maintain in a time of rising complexity. 

What are the benefits of using electrical design software?

Designing the electrical systems of increasingly complex products requires powerful tools to ensure all eventualities are considered. Cost, weight, governmental regulation, sustainability and change management are all made more manageable with the Capital electrical portfolio

The benefits include digitalization and automation within the physical flow or electrical distribution system (EDS). This streamlines the distribution of power and signals, helps make wiring harnesses more efficient and provides confidence that the documentation and diagnostics will be accurate. 

What sets Siemens' electrical design software apart from the competition?

As part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of software, services and application development platforms, Capital is integrated with adjacent Siemens solutions. This includes the Teamcenter portfolio for product lifecycle management, NX software for mechanical design and Mendix low-code development environments. This combination creates one of the most comprehensive wiring harness development solutions for efficiently engineering and manufacturing today’s smart products. 

Capital contributes to an optimized digital twin comprising a validated harness model and a digitalized manufacturing process model. This can transform your company's engineering, costing and manufacturing performance, ultimately boosting profits. With Capital, teams can choose from four electrical connectivity flows, each providing generative design principles and a path to a fully automated solution. Enable your teams with a semi-automated interactive design flow and progress toward a more fully automated model.

Are there training resources available for Capital?

Learn firsthand from our Capital users and exchange know-how on our Communities page.

As a valued Siemens customer, unlock exclusive entry to the Siemens Xcelerator Academy. Immerse yourself in a wealth of on-demand or instructor-led training options designed to elevate your skills. Elevate your expertise and gain a distinct competitive advantage through our certification programs.

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