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Cloud Services in Mainland China

This information relates to the use of Cloud Offerings hosted in Mainland China.

1. Prohibited Content

Content or activity prohibited by PRC laws and regulations is prohibited, including anything that:

opposes the basic principles established by the Constitution;

endangers national security, divulges state secrets or purports to subvert the national regime or undermine the unity of the nation;

jeopardizes the honor and interests of the nation;

incites ethnic hatred or discrimination, or undermines ethnic unity;

undermines national religious policy or advocates heresies or superstition;

disseminates rumors, disrupts the social order or undermines social stability;

insults or slanders other persons or infringes upon other persons’ reputation, privacy or lawful rights and interests;

contains any other content prohibited by laws, administrative regulations, departmental regulations, administrative orders or policies promulgated from time to time; and/or

constitutes or facilitates any prohibited crypto currency mining or exchange related business.

(collectively referred as “Prohibited Content”)

If Siemens determines that any of Customer Content contains any Prohibited Content, Customer agrees that upon discovering or being notified of such Prohibited Content, Customer shall immediately terminate access to such Content, keep relevant records and where required by laws, report the violation to the relevant government or regulatory authority. Customer acknowledges and agrees that if Siemens determines that any of Customer Content contains any Prohibited Content, Siemens shall have the right to immediately remove such Customer Content, suspend or terminate Customer’s or any User's right to access or use any portion of or all of Customer Content and the Offerings without any liabilities, and report any Prohibited Content as required by PRC laws.

1. 被禁止内容














2. Data Compliance

Customer shall comply with the statutory provisions in PRC laws relating to cyber security, data security and personal information protection.

Customer shall:

not disclose to Siemens any state secrets, national core data or important data (all of which shall have the meaning as defined by the applicable PRC laws).

Where Customer discloses to Siemens any data which is subject to legal protection, Customer shall notify Siemens by a written notice in good time prior to the disclosure of such data, so as to enable Siemens to deal with the data in a way in compliance with applicable laws. Customer hereby warrants the data provided by Customer to Siemens is lawfully collected and provided and does not infringe the rights and interest of individuals or third parties.

be obliged to satisfy the prerequisites required by applicable law, so as to enable Siemens to, for the purpose of provision of the Offering or other reasonable purposes relating to the Offering (including the usage of Siemens on-line services such as Support Center tool), collect, process/entrust a third party to process, use, transfer to a third party, share with a third party, disclose or transfer abroad the data without any breach of applicable laws.

transfer of Customer Content to data center outside Customer country of residence in compliance with applicable PRC laws. Customer is solely responsible for selecting a specific Area for the provisioning of the Offering. Please note that transfer of Customer Content to data center outside Customer’s country of residence may be subject to local restrictions or prohibitions according to the applicable PRC laws. It is Customer’s sole responsibility to check if such local restrictions or prohibitions apply and use the Offering in compliance with applicable PRC laws.

2. 数据合规





有义务满足适用法律规定的前提条件,从而使西门子可以为提供产品或其他与产品有关(包括使用西门子的在线服务,如Support Center工具)的合理目的合法地收集、处理/委托第三方处理、使用、转让给第三方、与第三方共享、披露或向境外转移数据而不违反任何适用法律。


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Le Contrat client universel s'applique aux achats effectués par l'intermédiaire de notre système contractuel électronique, si le bon de commande comprend une offre contenant des services cloud (par exemple, toute offre XaaS, ou les services Mendix ou MindSphere).

Acceptable Use Policy

As a safeguard for all our customers and users that enjoy our cloud services, the Acceptable Use Policy sets forth basic rules applicable to the use of any cloud services of Siemens Digital Industries Software.