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Soluzione IoT industriale

Internet of Things industriale

Acquisisci dati in tempo reale dai tuoi prodotti, impianti, macchine e sistemi connessi. Ottieni informazioni valide, ottimizza l'efficienza operativa, crea prodotti sostenibili e di alta qualità e implementa nuovi modelli di business, il tutto con l'aiuto di una soluzione integrata di Edge, IIoT e analisi del ciclo di vita.

Drive transparency and connectivity in manufacturing

I produttori devono affrontare diverse sfide nella loro attività, tra cui pressioni inflazionistiche e di sostenibilità, carenza di lavoratori qualificati e interruzioni della supply chain. I loro impianti sono spesso dotati di apparecchiature obsolete, meno efficienti e più energivore, che richiedono una manutenzione più frequente rispetto ai siti moderni. A causa dei sistemi obsoleti, manca la necessaria trasparenza su impianti, processi, macchine e prestazioni dei prodotti.

Questa combinazione di sfide si traduce inevitabilmente in tempi di inattività non pianificati, minore produttività e riduzione della qualità del prodotto, rendendo ancora più difficile raggiungere l'efficienza operativa prevista.


Almost 75% of surveyed manufacturing executives feel that attracting and retaining a quality workforce is their primary business challenge. (Deloitte Insights)


86% of surveyed manufacturing executives believe that smart factory solutions will be the main drivers of competitiveness in the next five years. (Deloitte Insights)


Over 70% of surveyed manufacturers have integrated technologies such as data analytics and cloud computing into their processes. Nearly half are already harnessing the power of IoT sensors, devices and systems. (Deloitte Insights)

How can you gain transparency and leverage real-time insights across your plants, systems, machines and products to ensure efficient, resilient and sustainable operations?

Leverage an integrated Edge, industrial IoT and lifecycle analytics solution to collect operational data from the field, discover insights and merge the real and virtual worlds.

What can an industrial IoT solution do for you?

Accelerating digital transformation requires IT/OT convergence and investment in Cloud, Edge, and IoT technologies. Leveraging an integrated solution incorporating Edge, IoT and lifecycle analytics is crucial to optimize efficiency, enhance product quality and enable innovative business models.

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What industrial IoT is best for you?

Our industrial IoT is recognized for its strengths, including ease of implementation, ease of use, global deployment and an array of solutions. Discover what customers have to say about Insights Hub.

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Scopri Industrial Operations X

Il portfolio Industrial Operations X accelera i processi produttivi rendendoli adattivi, incentrati sulle persone e integrati in modo olistico.

Insights Hub, incluso nel portfolio, fornisce valore dai dati IoT, mentre le funzionalità IoT combinate di Industrial Operations X consentono a clienti, partner e aziende dell'ecosistema Siemens Xcelerator di sviluppare applicazioni specifiche per il settore.

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Using Insights Hub enables us to increase the efficiency of our operations and maintenance. Unattended operation of equipment becomes a possibility as a result of the insight generated by IoT data.
Zhang Wushou, Founder, NEWATER IDEA

Implement an industrial IoT solution with support

Connect diverse equipment quickly and securely with data transformation and analytics at the edge as well as in the cloud.

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Browse Insights Hub documentation to familiarize yourself with the architecture, building blocks, concepts and interactions from token exchange to access control.

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Learn about core components offered by Insights Hub with on-demand training. Discover how to connect assets, develop applications with no/low code or traditional development and use Insights Hub capabilities to analyze data.

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Frequently asked questions

Adopting an industrial IoT solution can help your company drive operational efficiency and improve product quality. An IIoT solution empowers manufacturers with real-time insights across plants, systems, machines and products. With valuable data and increased transparency, you can avoid unplanned downtime, fix machine defects and failures before they occur, extend the lifespan of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

There are countless benefits of using an industrial IoT solution. In addition to optimizing production processes and overall operational efficiency, with an IIoT solution, you can:

  • Improve resource allocation
  • Increase production output
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs from energy consumption
  • Implement real-time quality control
  • Improve supply chain operations
  • Reduce waste and produce more sustainable products

When searching for an industrial IoT solution, keep the following considerations in mind to ensure you find the best fit for your company:

  • Integration and interoperability: Ensure that the industrial IoT solution can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and equipment. Choose a solution that is compatible with other software and supports open standards to facilitate interoperability with other devices.
  • Scalability: Assess the solution's scalability to accommodate growth in data volume, devices and user requirements. Verify that it can handle an increasing number of connected devices and data points.
  • Security: Evaluate the solution's encryption methods, access controls and secure communication protocols to protect sensitive data.
  • Ease of use and customization: Assess whether the solution offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools for smooth adoption and efficiency. Choose a solution that allows for customization and flexibility to meet shifting needs.
  • Costs and ROI: Analyze the total cost of ownership (upfront costs, maintenance and potential expansion costs) and assess the expected return on investment from efficiency improvements and cost savings.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure that the industrial IoT solution aligns with industry regulations and compliance standards.

Part of the Siemens Industrial Operations X portfolio, Insights Hub is an integrated Edge, IIoT and Lifecycle Analytics solution. It leverages intelligent analytic tools to help manufacturers derive valuable insights from IoT data. With real-time data and transparency across products, plants and systems, manufacturers can optimize process efficiency and enhance product quality.

Industrial IoT edge devices play a critical role in collecting, processing and transmitting data within industrial environments. They are located at the edge of the network, closer to the data source, and process tasks locally before transmitting relevant information to the cloud or central systems. Some examples include:

  • Sensors to monitor temperature, pressure or proximity
  • Valve or motor actuators
  • Edge or protocol gateways
  • AI-enabled cameras

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