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Contratti con il Cliente

Accedi ai termini attuali e precedenti per i prodotti e i servizi di Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Contract Elements

Your contract with Siemens Digital Industries Software for the purchase of products and services typically are comprised of the following three building blocks.

Esempio di modulo d'ordine

Il modulo d'ordine è il documento della transazione commerciale. Contiene link alle altre parti applicabili del contratto.

Supplemental Terms

The Supplemental Terms set out the license models, applicable maintenance, support terms, and other portfolio-related or use case-specific terms. Applicable terms are identified on the order form by unique alphanumeric codes.

Termini di base

I termini di base stabiliscono i termini e condizioni generali del contratto e sono contenuti nel Contratto di licenza con l'utente finale (EULA) o nel Contratto universale con il cliente (UCA).

Contract Benefits

The building blocks of your contract with Siemens Digital Industries Software include the following benefits, subject to the products and services of your purchase.


Learn about our maintenance and support service for on-premises software and our hardware products.

Cloud Support & SLA

Learn about our support commitment and service level agreement for our cloud services.

Data Privacy Terms

Learn about our commitment to protect personal information and our technical and organizational measures.

Other Agreements

Certain business relationships require a specific contractual approach. In such a case the interests of the contracting parties are served best by one of the following agreements.

Learning Services

Learn about the terms and conditions for our learning services, which include in-person training and online learning programs for our products and cloud services offerings.

Solid Edge Trial

Learn about the terms and conditions that apply when you sign up for a free trial for Solid Edge.

Marketplace Agreements

Learn about the terms and conditions that govern the use of the Siemens Digital Exchange marketplace by sellers and purchasers.

Demonstration License Agreement

If you are a solution partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software, learn about the terms and conditions that apply when Siemens provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate products and services to prospective customers.

MindSphere Terms & Conditions - Legacy

Find all information regarding terms and conditions and product sheets for MindSphere legacy products.

EDA Consulting Services Terms

Learn about the terms and conditions that apply to consulting services associated with electronic design automation products.

End User License Agreement for Freeware

Learn about the terms and conditions for our End User License Agreement for Freeware. The End User License Agreement for Freeware applies to requests via our electronic contracting system and marketplaces.


Access previous versions, see what's changed, and find answers in our FAQs.

Previous Versions

Access all previous and retired versions of our terms and conditions

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Get a quick overview of the recent updates to our terms and conditions.

Trust Center

Learn about our security measures for the protection of your data.


Get answers to our most frequently asked questions about our base terms.