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Two engineers in an office sitting and looking at a computer monitor viewing NX software to implement accelerated product development.

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Accelerate product development

Get product design right the first time. Expedite your product development using our uniquely created solution set. Combining a curated set of products, you can seamlessly manage your full product lifecycle and integrate all your necessary data, information and capabilities.

Accelerate your product design

To develop complex features, all your engineering disciplines need to work perfectly together throughout the development cycle. Otherwise, design is often done with outdated or missing information, increasing the risk that errors won’t be caught until prototypes are built.

Eliminate resource silos

Bring systems, people and data together.



Improve data accuracy by up to 95% with a common source of requirements, targets and issues from concept through product validation and production.


Time reduction

Choose the best design upfront using real-world data to automatically assess thousands of configurations and reduce time spent for CAE analysis by up to 80%.


Decrease in development time

Design changes can be simulated across all disciplines before implementation to ensure software and hardware are always in sync to help cut development time in half.

Accelerate your product development

Build your digital backbone

Integrate mechanical, electronic and electrical design throughout the development process, from product definition, to concept, to development, to verification and validation.

There are three key paths to build a digital backbone. Where you start will vary on your digital maturity.

Implement a data management backbone that connects the organization's various departments and allows data traceability from concept through production. Allow team members to access current requirements, specifications, and feedback in real time.

OEM's accelerate product development with Siemens


Leverage our software

The top 95% of automotive electronic control unit (ECU) suppliers leverage Siemens software.


Top 23 OEMs

The top 23 global automotive OEMs have adopted Siemens Xcelerator.


Top 20 EV brands

The top 20 electric vehicle brands​ leverage Siemens Xcelerator​.

case study

Nissan Technical Centre Europe

Creating an award-winning vehicle in record time
Case Study

Creating an award-winning vehicle in record time

Company:Nissan Technical Centre Europe

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Cranfield, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Siemens Software:NX, Simcenter 3D Solutions, Teamcenter

[For Nissan] the right solutions are Teamcenter software, NX software and Simcenter 3D software... Developing the new Qashqai within that environment has improved collaboration throughout the supply chain, cut timescales, increased quality control and enabled engineers to reach new levels of performance.
David Moss, VP of Vehicle Design and Development, Nissan Technical Centre Europe
Accelerate product development

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Optimize your returns by driving innovation and accelerating productivity across the enterprise with our product development solutions.

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Solutions to accelerate your product development

Product lifecycle management

Requirements and verification management

Mechanical product design

Electrical and Electronics systems development

Electronics systems design

Performance engineering

Frequently asked questions

How do you accelerate product development?

Accelerate product development using the Siemens suite of tools and solutions that are designed to help automotive manufacturers speed up the product development process. It includes a range of software tools, simulation and testing capabilities, and data management solutions.

How do you perform data traceability from concept through production?

To do this, you need to implement a digitalization strategy that enables your teams to work in sync. When working in the context of each other, changes propagate to all people. With a single source of truth, everyone has access to up-to-date information, allowing them to quickly and automatically generate, explore and assess many design options. This enables you to eliminate the number of costly physical prototypes that need to be built. The best configuration for your targets and requirements are discovered in the shortest possible time

How do you accelerate the design exploration process?

You need to accelerate the design exploration process using a simulation environment that enhances collaboration. Then you can automatically generate multiple designs so that you can identify the most competitive and compliant configuration. 

How do you make sure your car meets all requirements over the development journey?

Even after you’ve identified the best design, things will continue to change. This means you need to have constant insight into the implications of those changes across all domains. Through continuous verification and validation of your product design from conceptualization, until the design is finalized and the first physical prototype is built, you can be confident that your product will meet all requirements and targets.

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