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Revolutionize consumer product development

Digitally transform your consumer product development processes adopting integrated lifecycle management practices to rapidly innovate and bring new products to market faster. Enhance flexibility, optimize collaboration, and leverage intellectual property more effectively with an integrated approach

Accelerate your consumer product development today

Food and beverage companies face a variety of challenges. Having the flexibility to accelerate consumer product development is crucial amid fast-changing consumer preferences, regulatory requirements, supply chain instability and sustainability concerns. Simple improvements won’t cut it. You must invest in changes that enhance flexibility and adaptability and allow for faster portfolio launches. 

Adopt integrated consumer product lifecycle management

An integrated lifecycle management approach allows you to connect all the product information so the artwork designer, product manager, brand manager, marketing manager and anyone else associated with the lifecycle of a new product or line extension works from a single source of truth.


Reduced product development time

Streamline complex product lifecycles and reduce development time by up to 30%. (Electrolux)


Reduced costs

Achieve a 20% reduction in costs by digitalizing factory operations. Gain efficiencies and improve quality through advanced, integrated production processes. (Electrolux)


Efficiency in product data search

Accelerate decision-making and reduce development cycles with efficient product data retrieval, allowing for more focus on innovation and design. (Joyoung)


Improve your consumer product design process

Solve the complexities of consumer product development with proven digital strategies.
Optimize processes, reduce time-to-market and harness innovation for efficient, sustainable execution. Explore the three key areas of integrated lifecycle management developed to meet your needs:

Seamlessly align your branding strategy, program management, and product development to ensure consistency and enhance market responsiveness.

  • Forge a cohesive identity across all product development stages
  • Synchronize program management with product lifecycles
  • Elevate brand value with consistent and strategic product offerings


Washing machines built with the use of Teamcenter and Tecnomatix Siemens Software.
Case Study

Leveraging an open, web-based, easy-to-use solution to standardize process planning across plants

Company:BSH Home Appliances

Industry:Consumer products & retail

Location:Munich, Germany

Siemens Software:Teamcenter, Tecnomatix

Teamcenter is very helpful for Joyoung in terms of both data management and business management. It has enhanced Joyoung’s business process, making work more systematic and efficient.
Jing Jin, PLM Project Manager, Joyoung
Boost consumer product development

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Integrate, innovate and execute with agility in consumer product development. Discover how reusing innovation assets and applying efficient, flexible execution strategies can dramatically reduce time-to-market and foster sustainable growth. Unlock the full potential of your brand and products with integrated lifecycle management.

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Explore proven consumer product design solutions

Product lifecycle management

Program management

Application development platform

Frequently asked questions

What is frequently the most time-consuming stage of product development?

Design and conceptualization can often be the most time-consuming stages, as this is where ideas are scrutinized for market fit and return on investment. To accelerate this phase, our approach leverages a digital backbone that connects data and processes, enabling swift progress from ideation to detailed design and reducing time spent on rework due to late-stage discoveries.

What should I look for in consumer product development software?

Key features to look for ensure seamless data integration and support agile adaptation to shifting project scopes. The right PLM software will offer robust data management and collaborative tools fostering innovation and significantly trimming development timelines.

How do I improve my consumer product manufacturing process?

Enhance your manufacturing process with advanced, integrated product lifecycle solutions that enable real-time data tracking and decision-making. Our solutions help streamline production planning, leading to more efficient operations and maintaining high-quality output.

How will a PLM software improve my consumer product brand?

A robust PLM solution improves your brand by ensuring consistent product quality and compliance, accelerating market readiness, driving innovation and fostering a supply chain that's responsive to evolving consumer demands.

What information is critical when designing new production processess?

Essential information for new production designs includes detailed product specifications, compliance standards and manufacturing capabilities. Strategic market entry timing and interdisciplinary collaboration are crucial to robust design.

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