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Energy and utilities digital thread

Industrial energy management

Optimize your energy, chemicals and utilities plants with intelligent digital technologies that continuously streamline systems and processes. Harness the power of your data to accelerate innovation using our industrial energy management software.

Integrate your manufacturing and production systems

Break down silos by integrating your manufacturing and production systems, enabling a comprehensive digital thread from engineering through operations. Equip your engineering and field personnel with highly customizable apps to make data-driven operational and maintenance decisions in real-time. Gain valuable insights into operational performance and sustainability to power business outcomes and innovation.

Turn operational analytics into actionable insights

Leading companies are benefiting from our energy management software solutions that are tailored to meet their business needs.


Gas turbine capacity increase

Learn how our software helped increase the capacity of a gas turbine test facility by 25%. (Siemens Energy case study)


Reduced time-to-market

Using low-code software helped reduce time-to-market by 72%. (Biosphere Foundation case study)


Improved wind turbine and farm efficiency

Insights from simulation improved wind turbine and farm efficiency by 50% and reduced projected levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by more than 10%. (SANY Heavy Energy case study)

Streamline Energy Efficiency

Make the connected digital plant a reality

Maximize efficiency with comprehensive visibility into your plant, production assets and performance. Our energy management software solutions are designed to help you harness real-time data—enabling seamless integration from the shop floor to the top floor. Here are three ways you can achieve this:

Use real-time performance insights to optimize your plant's operations and sustainability:

  • Connect your plants, systems and assets with an open, industrial IoT as-a-service solution
  • Take advantage of advanced operational analytics software that turns raw data into actionable insights
  • Apply real-time performance analysis to predict and diagnose plant problems before they happen
  • Quickly create and deploy highly customizable apps that allow you to act on data fast and improve decision making
  • Gain new insights into operational performance and sustainability to improve business outcomes and innovation

Achieve an advantage with operational excellence

Leading companies that are making large strides toward operational excellence are profiting. According to Accenture: Best of 2021 Energy Insights, companies are achieving:


Margin growth


Revenue increases


Estimated yearly profitability gains for oil refineries

Case Study


Weaving a digital thread to streamline the production of crop protection agent
Case Study

Weaving a digital thread to streamline the production of crop protection agent


Location:Ludwigshafen, Germany

Siemens Software:Opcenter APS, Opcenter Execution Process

Opcenter Execution Process allowed us to weave a digital thread across the entire production process for this fungicide designed to promote sustainable high-yield farming."
Dr. Moritz Hofherr, Automation Engineer, BASF
Industrial Energy Management

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Establish a connected digital plant to gain end-to-end visibility of your processes, production assets and operational performance while improving business outcomes and innovation.

Digital productive plant with operational icons.

Solutions to optimize industrial energy management

IoT & lifecycle analytics

Low-code application development platform

Performance engineering

Capital asset lifecycle management

Manufacturing execution

Service engineering

Frequently asked questions

How can energy and utilities companies use industrial energy management software to achieve operational excellence?

Energy and utilities companies can achieve operational excellence by integrating their manufacturing and production systems using advanced technologies, such as manufacturing execution systems and an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform for data-driven insights and complete lifecycle visibility. 

At the heart of an operational excellence approach is the connected digital plant. It enables teams to harness the power of data to continuously optimize systems and processes in real time. Furthermore, engineering and operations teams can seamlessly collaborate by connecting performance data with simulation tools to accurately assess and optimize production performance. 

What types of energy and utilities companies can benefit from operational excellence?

Any company with an existing manufacturing or production facility, such as energy owner-operators and equipment manufacturers, can benefit from the operational excellence approaches we offer. 

How can a company provide its business operations staff with real-time manufacturing updates?

Integrating your plant’s production assets through an open, industrial IoT platform lets your business operations staff quickly develop robust applications that turn real-time manufacturing and performance data into actionable insights. Furthermore, engineering and operations teams can be alerted about potential operational issues before they happen while enabling continuous optimization of operations and sustainability initiatives.

How can energy and utilities businesses incorporate predictive maintenance?

Connecting your plants, systems and assets with an open, industrial IoT as-a-service solution enables energy and utilties businesses to take advantage of advanced analytics that turn raw data into actionable insights. By applying real-time performance analysis to predict and diagnose plant problems before they happen, businesses can incorporate predictive maintenance strategies to prevent unplanned downtime in manufacturing and production facilities. 

How can energy and utilities companies connect their operating assets with performance engineering softwares?

By using the executable digital twin, energy and utilities companies can connect real-time performance data with accurate, well-orchestrated plant information and performance engineering softwares. Engineers can troubleshoot critical systems, model new concepts and diagnose issues that might lead to instability or plant outages. The self-contained digital twin model can be run on the industrial IoT platform for near-real-time condition monitoring, enabling system performance modeling, troubleshooting issues and performing different ‘what-if’ scenarios.

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