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A few engineers use Simcenter engineering simulation software on multiple screens to successfully navigate modern engineering complexities.

Performance engineering solutions

Engineering simulation software

Successfully navigate modern engineering complexities. Elevate real-world performance of products with early insights using multiphysics simulation and testing software. Drive productivity and empower innovation.

Transform product and process performance engineering

The growing influence of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and electrification, coupled with evolving regulations and heightened consumer expectations for sustainable, personalized and intelligent products, contribute to the complexity of real-world engineering challenges. To succeed, companies need to integrate engineering domains, methods and tools effectively while tackling the shortage of skilled engineers. The comprehensive digital twin, with simulation and testing at its core, is pivotal to transforming engineering to rapidly develop, optimize and introduce new concepts to market.


Gain early insights with simulation

66% of companies report use of simulation delivers earlier insights. (Tech-Clarity)


Adopt model-based system engineering

73% of top companies employ model-based system engineering in product development to tackle complex design demands across multiple engineering domains. (Lifecycle insight)


Validate simulation accuracy with test

79% of leading companies facilitate collaboration between simulation analysts and test engineers. They validate simulation models with test results to enhance accuracy. (Tech-Clarity)

How can you accelerate the product development process to deliver innovative products faster?

Break down the silos between disciplines and gain earlier insights into product performance with simulation and testing solutions that support integrated multidomain and multiphysics workflows.

What can engineering simulation software do for you?

Engineering simulation software offers early insights into product performance, helps optimize designs and facilitates model-based systems engineering. This enables faster time to market, higher ROI and a competitive edge in engineering and digital transformation.

Drive productivity, empower innovation with Simcenter

Unlock the digital twin with Simcenter engineering simulation software. Predict product behavior early and throughout the design cycle with modeling and simulation, multidisciplinary design exploration, physical testing and simulation process and data management.

Engineer explaining the Simcenter fluids and thermal simulation software solutions.

Computer-aided engineering (CAE)

  • Multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computer-aided design (CAD)-embedded CFD
  • Computational chemistry for novel materials design
  • Finite element modeling (FEM)
  • Solvers for structures, acoustics, motion and electromagnetics simulation
Engineer using the Simcenter systems simulation.

Systems modeling and simulation

  • Early concept design and system performance verification
  • System architecture creation and evaluation
  • Integration of simulation into model-based system engineering (MBSE) workflows
  • Model-based reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) analysis
Man working on computer using Simcenter portfolio, model-based systems engineering (MBSE), simulation process and data management SPDM, RAMS and HPC cloud computing.

AI and reduced order modeling

  • Design space exploration and optimization
  • Artificial intelligence enhanced search
  • Platform for building, validating and exporting reduced order models (ROMs)
Simulation process and data management visuals from the Teamcenter software.

Workflow and process automation

  • Simulation process and data management (SPDM)
  • Full traceability across all performance domains
  • Templatized and automated workflows
  • Open integration of CAD and CAE tools
A driver using the Simcenter physical testing solution.

Physical testing

  • Integrated test hardware and software solutions
  • Fast performance validation with multiphysics testing
  • Accelerate systems engineering by combining test and simulation

Go from CAD to CAE in minutes

Try Simcenter for mechanical simulation. Quickly transform CAD geometry into usable geometry for simulation. Discover how easy it is to perform structural analysis and gain quick insights into design performance. Make a design change and see how your model updates automatically for fast iterations.

Visual of a 3D model created with the Simcenter 3D software.

Read what real engineers are saying about Simcenter

User perception is critical; it’s a reflection of how well Simcenter is doing, and whether our continuous software release cycles are resonating with you.

Simcenter G2 leader badges.
By adopting simulation early on the project, we significantly reduced cost and time on the front-end as we got the right design answer in the shortest possible time. It is massively important because we can get people to make the right design decisions, thereby reducing development time by 50 to 80 percent.
Euan Freeman, Principal Engineer, Cox Marine

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Frequently asked questions

Engineering simulation software enables engineers to gain insights into product behavior early in the design process, identify potential issues and iterate on designs to improve performance, reliability and efficiency. It plays a crucial role in accelerating product development, reducing costs and driving innovation across various industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics and manufacturing.

Early in the design cycle, simulation can help eliminate infeasible designs. It also facilitates the exploration of more innovative design options that engineers would otherwise not consider. There are many benefits for design engineers who use simulation, including cost and time savings, easier innovation and improved product quality. A progressive approach involves simulation analysts setting up templates of validated simulations specific to particular design problems. These simulation templates can then be integrated as a part of guided simulation workflows for use by designers and design engineers. Proper simulation data management is also integral to democratizing simulation.

Data management capabilities that automatically link design models, simulation models and analysis results eliminate ambiguity regarding what results relate to which design, thus increasing confidence in decision-making. But tracking and linking artifacts and files isn’t enough.

Decision-makers must also be able to access and quickly extract actionable insight from this design exploration data. Result visualization tools, reports and data analytics help engineers select the best design that meets all requirements.

Simcenter portfolio, part of Siemens Xcelerator, is a flexible, open and scalable suite of industry-leading engineering simulation and test solutions and associated services. Simcenter uniquely combines powerful multiphysics engineering methodologies across system simulation, CAE simulation and physical testing. It leverages AI capabilities for faster decisions and improved user experience and enables productivity through cross-domain workflow automation as well as process and data management.

Simcenter provides engineers with detailed insight into the real-world performance of their product or process, allowing them to increase productivity, shorten time to market and accelerate innovation over the entire product lifecycle. Simcenter solutions are integral to delivering the comprehensive digital twin that connects the physical and virtual world.

Understanding and delivering cross-domain performance requires simulation and test solutions that can be deployed across all the development phases and across all performance domains and physics. Furthermore, these activities need to be linked not conducted independently to capture real-world multiphysics phenomena and balance conflicting attributes. Simcenter offers an integrated portfolio of best-in-class predictive simulation, test and design exploration solutions that span all phases of the product development process to solve the toughest problems in engineering can help transform engineering by driving productivity and empowering innovation.

Simulation and testing can no longer be viewed as a siloed activities. The digital twin delivers value across the lifecycle and its evolution needs to be managed for traceability and impact of change. This is only possible by delivering simulation and test as part of an overall digital product development initiative. Siemens Xcelerator blurs the boundaries between engineering domains such as electrical, mechanical and software and Simcenter simulation and test solutions complement Siemens Xcelerator solutions in the design, realize and optimize phases of the lifecycle.

On the journey to digital transformation, companies need reliable partners with the resources to continuously drive innovation in the tools and applications. Siemens spends significantly on research and development, leverages partnerships with established companies in adjacent areas and invests in startups that have the technologies that could transform business in the future. All of this ensures a steady stream of innovations that can help our customers stay on the cutting edge and realize the benefits of digitalization faster than their competitors. Simcenter engineering and consulting services provide deep domain knowledge, facilities, resources and expertise to accelerate engineering process transformation and resulting return on investments.

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