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A More Flexible Siemens Xcelerator Cloud

Xcelerator Cloud: Where today meets tomorrow

With Software-as-a-Service cloud computing from Siemens, access to Xcelerator just got easier, while providing ongoing value via connection to the cloud. From startup to large enterprise: scale your online CAD and CAM software and IoT capabilities to match product and market requirements. Utilize new cloud software development technologies to quickly and cost-effectively collaborate with security across engineering domains, while also leveraging your ecosystem as a network of innovation partners.

Embrace Digital Transformation with Xcelerator

Amid unprecedented change and innovation, digital transformation is no longer tomorrow’s idea. Xcelerator takes what the future promises tomorrow and makes it real for today. Visit our Xcelerator page and Xcelerator Cloud and SaaS blog to learn about hybrid cloud, cloud plm and cloud services.

Turn complexity into a competitive advantage


Comprehensive Digital Twin

  • Accessible for customers of all sizes

  • Enhanced design, realize and optimize capabilities

  • Secure formal and ad hoc collaboration

Personalized, Adaptable, and Modern

Personalized, Adaptable, and Modern

  • Ramp engineering capabilities on-demand

  • Available 24/7 from any device

  • Easily tailored solutions

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Flexible, Open Ecosystem

  • Secure collaboration anywhere, anytime

  • Empower engineers to work across multiple domains and sites

  • Augment with low-code and cross-platform compatibility

Xcelerator Cloud: Products, Services, and Solutions

Xcelerator Cloud Portfolio

Cloud Ready

Execute multiple cloud based computing and software deployment models with a Cloud Connected desktop, using our existing plm on the cloud products and systems. Experience an on-demand ability to scale-up resources utilizing the infrastructure manufacturing software companies prefer, along with Siemens SaaS solutions software and our cloud business Managed Services.

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Application Platform

Mendix is the leading, low-code application platform empowering anyone to build, integrate and extend applications 10x faster with 70% fewer resources. By enabling customers to increase operational efficiency, modernize core systems, launch new products, and create digital experiences, Mendix powers a vibrant developer PaaS community as well as cloud, business and industrial platform as a service capabilities.

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SaaS Industry Apps

Access our flexible, purpose-built cloud native SaaS company applications - anywhere, anytime. Small and medium cloud businesses can scale and enhance productivity across teams, suppliers, and customers with cloud computing and cloud os/operating systems, cloud manufacturing, cloud management, and cloud engineering solutions. Siemens software-as-a-service apps are the very definition of advanced SaaS technology.

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Industrial IoT as a Service

Using advanced analytics and AI, MindSphere powers IoT solutions from edge to on the cloud. Thanks to data from connected products, plants, and cloud systems, manufacturing companies can create better quality products and deploy new business models. Built on the Mendix application platform, MindSphere empowers customers and partners to build and integrate personalized IoT applications for endless possibilities.

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Digital Transformation: What do the experts say?

Is SaaS the same as Cloud? What is the best cloud software? Leading analysts and technology specialists are here to answer all of your SaaS and hybrid cloud computing questions.

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