Zvi Feuer

Senior Vice President, Digital Manufacturing Software, and CEO Siemens Digital Industries Software in Israel

Originally from: Romania

Currently based: Tel Aviv, Israel

Education: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology, EMBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and an EMBA from the National University of Singapore.

Siemens tenure: Over 25 years of tenure with Tecnomatix, Unigraphics, and Siemens

Creative culture: At Siemens Digital Industries Software, our culture is based on openness, freedom of speech, and internal collaboration. I’m motivated to go to work each day to work with a diverse, fantastic group of people who are always facing new challenges and ultimately looking at how we can help people.

Speedy startups: The Digital Manufacturing segment is built around over 20 different startups, all dedicated to developing and delivering software solutions to support our customers. We are committed to continuously innovating and improving our own internal processes and tools in use. I’m especially proud of the impact we have across industries, driving speed, efficiency, and quality, while also helping smaller companies that are using technology for a greater purpose.

Lessons learned: At this point in my career, I value the importance of debriefing, the need to listen to others, and being humble. My advice to younger professionals and myself at 18 is “Never give up, there is always a way to make your dreams come true.”

Early adopter: I am a classic early adopter, so I am excited by almost all the latest innovations. In the Digital Manufacturing segment, we are focused on and supporting additive manufacturing, advanced robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and the simulation of production and service systems.