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Digital Transformation Strategy

Identify the most optimal path to full digitalization. Our experts provide consultation workshops to help you determine the solutions you need to achieve success through every stage of your journey.

Think big. Start small. Scale swiftly.

Craft your journey to your specific goals

Plan and accelerate your digital transformation with guidance from our experts and architecture consultants.

Choose from services that span the full value realization lifecycle, from strategic guidance and selection through implementation, optimization and management of your environment.

Receive a digitalization roadmap that:

  • Provides an Industry 4.0 context for process improvements
  • Aligns all solution components and constraints into a production-viable architecture
  • Ensures the path forward mitigates risk while adopting the latest technologies and solutions
  • Defines cross-domain scenarios and process flow
  • Supplies a return on investment analysis
  • Delivers product-agnostic recommendations

Why digital transformation matters

Manufacturing companies are facing unprecedented challenges everywhere, from producing personalized items to mass production of one-off items. Learn why you need to rise to these challenges now.

Explore our service offerings

You need a strategy and a digitalization roadmap to know how to best invest your money. The roadmap is an output of these offerings:

Employ digital transformation strategies

As part of a facilitated workshop, we will help you develop a high-value and executable multi-phase digitalization strategy.

Create your plan

Get inspired

Be motivated to start a digitalization journey.

Build a roadmap

We help you prioritize your values and solutions.

Educate and train

We make sure your team knows what to expect.

Analyze your business case

See Industry 4.0 in action

Benchmark your process and technology against others in your industry.

Discover best practices

Gain a thorough understanding of Siemens best practices. 

Calculate ROI

Perform a quantitative analysis of your digital transformation. 

Set your process

Design architecture

Create your solution model and definition. 

Set proof of concept

Reduce risks by providing solution and integration concepts. 

Define success

Coordinate research and development gap closure using an agile approach. 

White paper

Digitalization meets optimization

With lean manufacturing, manufacturers can confidently define a path toward enhanced optimization and flexibility in the world of production and manufacturing.

Find out how to establish and use best practices when starting your digital transformation journey.

A worker uses a Norbar torque tool in a manufacturing setting.

Cloud Application Services

Leverage the power of the cloud to deliver digital enterprise solutions that are secure, high-performing and designed to meet your business needs.

Employees in server room using cloud application services.