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Semiconductor Lifecycle Management

Reduce lengthy development cycles and achieve end-to-end digitalization with our preconfigured, SaaS PLM solution for semiconductors, accelerating new product introduction and minimizing disruptions.

Optimize the semiconductor product lifecycle

It’s a time of intense change across the global semiconductor ecosystem. The industry is facing a rapid evolution driven by critical product shortages, supply chain uncertainty, compliance and security concerns and surging demand for more computing power in less space. As a result, chipmakers are rethinking their product development processes, partners and technology.

Impacted by the complex forces reshaping the ecosystem, chipmakers today often find themselves challenged to manage different product lifecycle stages.


of semicondcutor companies are using 6+ systems to manage their product data and processes. (Tech-Clarity)


more likely for semicondcutor companies to have little or no coordination across their external partners such as fabless, foundries or OSATs. (Tech-Clarity)


of companies report that product development complexity is increasing. (Lifecycle Analytics)

How can our pre-configured SaaS PLM solution help you reduce fragmentation and increase digitalization?

Teamcenter Semiconductor Lifecycle Management reduces lengthy NPI cycles and enables end-to-end digitalization with out-of-the-box industry best practices to accelerate deployment and minimize disruption.

How can semiconductor PLM software benefit you?

Teamcenter Semiconductor Lifecycle Management is a pre-configured SaaS PLM solution that helps reduce fragmentation and increase end-to-end digitalization for companies.

Manage the semiconductor lifecycle from ideation to fabrication handoff with PLM software.

Accelerate semiconductor development with Teamcenter

PLM provides semiconductor firms with holistic data management across processes, improving design, production and collaboration. It enhances quality and ensures traceability to protect IP, speeding product acceptance and market time.

Explore our solutions below to get started or visit Teamcenter X.

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New product introduction

  • Pre-defined, automated project management templates
  • Out-of-the-box NPI metrics and KPIs
  • Manage phase-gates with key project status reports
  • Unified program and product delivery platform
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Design management and IP reuse

  • Internal and external IP library access control and traceability
  • Manage die design artifacts and metadata
  • Orchestrate wafer process technology and site qualification
  • Manage mask set and reticle data across supply chain
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Manufacturing planning

  • Collaborate across globally distributed sites and data silos
  • Connect engineering and manufacturing BOMs
  • Ensure material and substance compliance
  • Pre-configured, industry-specific process flows
Teamcenter X

30-day free Semiconductor PLM software trial

Try our Teamcenter X industry solution semiconductor lifecycle management today and discover the power of software-as-a-service PLM. Explore common use cases such as preconfigured project templates for new product introduction acceleration, IP design management and reuse, connection to manufacturing planning and complete traceability of the entire semiconductor lifecycle.

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What PLM solution is best for you?

G2 ranks products based on customer reviews. G2 named Teamcenter the best PLM software for any size company – outperforming 99 others. Take a look at the PLM software comparison grid to see the top ranking for Teamcenter.

G2 Teamcenter 2024 winter award banners. G2 named Teamcenter the best PLM software for any size company.

Top PLM software leadership recognition

Teamcenter is recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in PLM.

Teamcenter received the highest possible scores in more criteria than any other evaluated vendor in The Forrester Wave™: Product Lifecycle Management for Discrete Manufacturers, Q1 2023 report.

Forrester wave leader 2023 PLM for discrete manufacturers award banner.
One of the things that Teamcenter enables us to do is to take the core features and benefits of Teamcenter, whether it’s change management, part management or bill of material management, and take that across all divisions.
Bill Duggan, Engineering Manager, Teradyne

Implement semiconductor PLM software with support

Deploy your way

Implement Teamcenter on the cloud using a provider of your choice, or SaaS by Siemens. Or deploy on-premise and manage with your IT team. It is not just a large enterprise solution.

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Adopt Teamcenter and master its elements with ease. Get on-demand and instructor-led training.

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Frequently asked questions

PLM offers semiconductor companies a holistic solution to provide data management across all processes. It can improve design and production domains to address product complexity, enhance stakeholder and ecosystem collaboration and elevate quality, while also providing complete traceability to safeguard intellectual property as well as for faster product acceptance and reduced time to market. Teamcenter Semiconductor Lifecycle Management is a Teamcenter X industry solution. This means it is a preconfigured SaaS PLM solution that gets you up and running quickly with built-in best practices and reduced cost of ownership with a SaaS deployment. All the operations and maintenance, including updates, are managed by Siemens.

Teamcenter semiconductor lifecycle management helps to reduce the fragmentation of an organization while streamlining key processes with a clear audit trail. This end-to-end traceability ensures high data fidelity across the lifecycle, so the correct version of data is always being used. As a result of improved workflows and simplified collaboration, semiconductor devices can be produced at the highest quality possible without design respins.

The semiconductor industry is one of the most innovative industries, ensuring the adoption of new technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR. Indeed, semiconductors are critical to countless of today’s consumer products and as demand for ever greater computing power in less space rises, the trend seems likely to continue. Keeping up with technology requires a flawless design process that can help you to manage fast moving requirements while re-using key IP. Teamcenter semiconductor lifecycle management helps you understand the impact of design changes across disciplines to address complexity through internal and external IP libraries. Manage die design artifacts, orchestrate wafer process technology and oversee mask set and reticle data across the supply chain to boost quality.

To effectively plan semicondcutor manufacturing processes, companies need to collaborate across globally distributed sites and domains to streamline engineering, design and manufacturing planning while ensuring alignment between engineering and manufacturing BOMS. By using Teamcenter semiconductor lifecycle management, implement industry-specific process flows and data models to improve cross-domain visibility and guarantee compliance for a smooth transition to fab handoff.

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