A Flexible Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Solutions by Siemens: Your Way, Your Pace

One of the most important places today meets tomorrow is in the cloud.

As customers embark on their journey to the cloud, we’ve got their back. From on-premise solutions to public and private cloud deployments, our unique understanding of client needs, unprecedented range of domain services, and the most flexible and scalable cloud-based solutions on the market, we provide an enhanced overall cloud experience for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Siemens Cloud Ready solutions provide multiple deployment models with a Cloud Connected desktop using our existing products on the cloud. Experience an on-demand ability to manage resources utilizing any preferred infrastructure, along with SaaS and our Managed Services. With the move towards SaaS, access our flexible, purpose-built cloud native apps - anywhere and anytime. Now, all businesses have the power to scale, collaborate, and increase productivity across a global network of teams, suppliers, and customers.

As a large manufacturer spanning across many industries, we, too, are on our own journey to the cloud with our Xcelerator solutions portfolio. Thus, as we help enlighten organizations with advanced industry insight and an improved overall digital transformation experience, we do so not only with superior performance and expertise – but in evaluation, purchasing, on-boarding, security, and dedicated customer support.

At Siemens, we know cloud. And, we know industry. 

When today meets tomorrow in the cloud, we’ll be there, guiding every step of your journey...

At your way, and your pace.


Best-in-class cloud management and business solutions expertise provide maximum security for our customers. Peace of mind combined with enhanced operational performance are always the end goals.


Customized cloud integration strategies and microservices offer specific and adaptable transformations to the cloud based on the unique time-frames and methods our customers choose.


Operational benefits of the cloud include reducing time-to-market and connecting globally distributed, cross-disciplinary teams - all while improving efficiency and productivity at any scale or speed.


Cloud managed PLM provides seamless, simple integrations and operations. Our cloud software portfolio resolves complex issues for any company with sophisticated, yet unintimidating, cloud technology.


Economic cloud benefits and flexible paths to the cloud translate to new revenue streams. Small and medium businesses can afford to grow comfortably, while large enterprises can build and extend cloud investments.


Innovative, closed-loop digital twin technology makes products and processes better. Digitalization in cloud computing helps drive business with speed and agility while maintaining quality standards.

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Today Meets Tomorrow in the Cloud

Successful digital transformation is a reality with our industry-leading software, services, and application development platform. Embark with confidence on your journey to the cloud knowing we've got your back every step of the way.

Siemens Cloud Computing Solutions

Xcelerator Portfolio

Cloud Ready

Execute multiple deployment models of cloud computing with a Cloud Connected desktop, using our existing products on the cloud. Experience an on-demand ability to scale-up resources utilizing the infrastructure you prefer, along with SaaS and our cloud Managed Services.



Application Platform

Mendix is the leading, low-code application platform empowering anyone to build, integrate and extend applications 10x faster with 70% fewer resources. By enabling customers to increase operational efficiency, modernize core systems, launch new products, and create digital experiences, Mendix powers a vibrant developer community as well as cloud, business and industrial services.



SaaS Industry Apps

Access our flexible, purpose-built cloud native applications - anywhere, anytime. Small and medium businesses can now scale, collaborate, and enhance productivity across all teams, suppliers, and customers with cloud manufacturing and cloud engineering solutions.



Industrial IoT as a service

Using advanced analytics and AI, MindSphere powers IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud – with data from connected products, plants, and systems – to optimize operations, create better quality products and deploy new business models. Built on the Mendix application platform, MindSphere empowers customers, partners, and the Siemens organization to quickly build and integrate personalized IoT applications.


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