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Accelerated Engineering for Small to Medium Business

Accelerated Engineering is a single, integrated, multi-disciplinary platform that allows small to mid-size manufacturers produce high-quality products, address increased competitive pressure, and shorten cycle times while staying on budget creating a sustainable platform for growth.

Flexible, scalable, affordable

Siemens integrated digital solutions

In today's challenging environment, small to medium manufacturers face obstacles to produce high quality products, shorten cycle times while staying on budget. Explore how you now have flexible, scalable and affordable solutions to create a sustainable platform for growth.

Facing product complexity and time to market

Meeting customer expectations and the increase in product complexity or waiting for physical models and testing are ongoing challenges.

Imagine Possibilities

  • Achieve new levels of production performance
  • Create digital prototypes and testing in-house
  • Eliminate reliance on slower processes with a fully integrated design to manufacturing process
  • Real-time collaboration with suppliers and customers
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Improve in-house processes while protecting margins

Meeting production schedules and reacting to production or design changes can impact quality while facing the challenge of balancing costs.

Imagine Possibilities

  • Gain real-time visibility into design and production data
  • Validate completed designs before putting into production
  • Reuse product designs for increased efficiencies
  • Collaborate in real-time with suppliers and customers

Connect and communicate for increased efficiencies

Lacking visibility into BOM, multiple data formats, insuring you are working with the correct design data while collaborating with suppliers and customers can be both challenging and tedious.

Imagine Possibilities

  • Eliminate late-stage rework and correct issues early
  • Always be working with the correct design data
  • Ongoing collaboration with suppliers and customers to share data and requirements
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SMB Collection Trial

Solutions to manufacturing challenges

Enhance process efficiency and speed by utilizing a fully integrated design for the production process.

Reduce costly production errors early in the design stage with simulation capabilities designed to provide precise, real-time product data.

Try our 30-day SMB Collection online trial. No installation is required. Start designing in minutes.

View our solutions for small to mid-size manufacturers.

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