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Aircraft certification

Digitally transform processes to maximize physical testing and prove compliance faster. Airworthiness certification is everything in aerospace and defense. Learn how you can adopt a connected verification and certification approach.

Develop a well-designed, certifiable aircraft faster

Integrate an aircraft certification plan with program management from the start to shorten cycle time and reduce risk. Leverage a comprehensive digital twin to provide faster, more accurate access to all verification and certification data.

Build requirements into your certification plan

Gain a fully traceable chain of data, reduce reliance on physical testing, discover problems early to avoid unnecessary re-testing, easily prove compliance and ultimately reduce risks to accelerate certification. Using our solutions customers are seeing improvements:


Reliably managed engineering changes

Leverage our aircraft requirements management solution to oversee engineering changes. (Fokker Services)


Reduce cycle time by 2 weeks

Design high-quality, certifiable aircraft while reducing cycle time calculations, test and costs. (Lisa Airplanes)


Eliminate need for paper documentation

Establish a traceable chain of data that collects and connects compliance artifacts in real time to see up to a 100% reduction in paper documentation. (Fokker Services)

Digitally transform your aircraft certification process

Link people, data and global processes and introduce automation into planning, scheduling, executing and managing aircraft certification. Streamline certification for new type designs.

Explore the three paths our solutions cover to help you achieve accurate and efficient airworthiness compliance.

Build verification and certification deliverables into daily design, analysis and testing workflows. Integrate verification testing and certification into the overall program plan to maximize your physical testing and prove regulatory compliance faster.

Improve certification to reduce costs and cycle times


Savings in testing costs

Eliminate expensive testing while still proving airworthiness. (TLG Aerospace)


Reduction in flight test hours

Get innovative, airworthy products to market faster. (Airbus Helicopters)


Days to complete a full modal survey test

Generate accurate test results within shorter timeframes. (DLR)

Aerospace engineering services company uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to reduce aircraft certification cost
Case Study

Aerospace engineering services company uses Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to reduce aircraft certification cost

Company:TLG Aerospace

Industry:Aerospace & defense

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter STAR-CCM+

“We can now bid on projects that have greater scope, be more competitive, pass on the savings to our customers and do much more with our dollar.”
Andrew McComas, Engineering Manager and Aerodynamicist, TLG Aerospace
Streamline aircraft certification

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Integrate certification into product development to prove regulatory compliance faster, reducing cycle times and cost.


Solutions for connected verification and certification

Aircraft requirements management

Aircraft performance engineering

Service planning & management

Integration platform

Multidomain enterprise BOM

Cloud SaaS PLM for aerospace and defense

Frequently asked questions

How can you increase the chances that your aircraft will be type certified?

A successful aircraft program manages the business, customer and regulatory requirements, with the design and engineering being driven by all, and the regulatory requirements serving as the minimum acceptable in terms of safety and performance. The Siemens Xcelerator solution helps connect the digital thread running through regulatory requirements, design, test and certification documentation, increasing the chances of regulatory approval.

How can you accelerate the aircraft certification process?

You can accelerate the aircraft certification process by doing the following:

  • Efficiently and quickly understanding and deriving business, customer and regulatory requirements
  • Assigning them to the appropriate subsystems and components
  • Designing and simulating those subsystems virtually to minimize risk to “for credit” certification tests
  • Verifying those subsystems and components meet those requirements

How can you easily gather and understand aircraft certification requirements for your program?

The connected verification and certification solutions within the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio can help engineers and other stakeholders consume, analyze and manage all requirements, including any applicable federal aviation regulations (FARs), regulatory guidance/advisories and applicable industry/trade and professional society specifications. When you capture and manage data on an open, flexible digital backbone, you provide an authoritative source of truth and access to current, real-time data.

Why is traceability important in aircraft certification?

From a design compliance demonstration standpoint, traceability is necessary as a legal regulatory requirement. It allows you to track hierarchies in every direction — from requirements to physical parts to supporting data elements — to understand when changes are necessary, what is affected and how it impacts the function/performance of the engineered system. For production conformity and aircraft airworthiness, traceability in aircraft certification is important for safety and quality reasons. If you encounter an issue during any phase of the manufacture or operation of an aircraft, traceability provides a means to research the root cause of the problem and identify the affected aircraft.

How can you achieve robust configuration management for your aircraft?

The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio configuration control capabilities can maximize traceability of design data, in addition to efficient quality and manufacturing processes. This minimizes the chances of configuration escapes to improve customer-felt quality and safety.

How can Siemens software for connected verification and certification help your aerospace and defense company?

The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio has the breadth and depth of solution capabilities to help you with every part of your program – requirements, conceptual design, preliminary design, critical design, final design and across the rest of the product lifecycle.

When you adopt our connected verification and certification solutions to digitally transform your processes, you integrate certification with product development at the earliest stage, gain a fully traceable chain of data, reduce reliance on physical testing, discover problems early to avoid unnecessary re-testing, instill confidence that you can easily prove compliance and ultimately reduce risks. Together, this helps build trust with regulatory authorities and accelerates achieving certification.

Our solutions are trusted by the most recognizable names in aerospace and defense as well as startups entering the industry. We are helping commercial, defense and space companies across the globe successfully manage their programs.

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