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A couple of engineers using Simcenter Reduced Model Order software for aerospace performance engineering.


Aerospace engineering software

Drive digital transformation in aerospace with an integrated simulation and testing strategy. Leverage aerospace engineering software to drive productivity, achieve better designs faster, and ensure successful program outcomes.

Meet the challenges of complex aerospace programs

Modern aircraft, spacecraft and aero engines are marvels of complex engineering. With every new generation of aircraft and spacecraft, there has been exponential growth in system complexity leading to unforeseen problems and program delays. These delays and overruns have a significant impact on the program's cost and ultimately, the profitability of the parent company.


of product launches are delayed

Major issues arise from delays and aerospace companies strive to minimize those delays. (Gartner)


months is the average delay

Programs are significantly delayed with implications on budget, resources, and overall project success. (Deloitte)


average total cost growth

Budget overruns have a significant impact over the original baseline for major aviation programs. (Deloitte)

What strategies can aerospace engineers employ to accelerate design timelines, achieve performance targets and ensure a smooth introduction into service?

Implement an integrated simulation and test strategy and utilize aerospace simulation software to drive digital transformation, break down silos between disciplines and gain earlier insights into product performance for structures, aerodynamics, virtual integration and beyond.

What can aerospace engineering software do for you?

Aerospace engineering software provides tools that aid in the creation of scalable digital twins to support mission-critical performance objectives, ranging from structures, aerodynamics, and systems performance to thermal management and verification management.

Drive productivity, empower innovation with Simcenter

Simcenter aerospace engineering software offers comprehensive simulation and test applications tailored specifically for aerospace use cases. With cutting-edge aerospace simulation software, industry expertise, and reliable support, Simcenter enables aerospace innovators to transform engineering.

Airplane in a hangar

Model-based engineering

  • Predict integrated aircraft behavior, integrate systems, define aircraft architecture and achieve a VIA strategy (Virtual Integrated Aircraft)
  • Generate safety and risk assessments as part of model-based RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety)
Airplane visual from the Simcenter Maintenance Aware Design Ecosystem (MADE) software.

Multi-disciplinary optimization

An engineer using Simcenter software for ground vibration testing.

Virtual & physical verification

  • Ensure the structural architecture, sizing, and certification of the aircraft meet the highest standard
  • Prepare and de-risk physical testing
  • Ensure dependability and safety of spacecraft

Aerospace simulation software for engineering

Try Simcenter today with the simulation software for aerospace trial and discover how to accurately predict all aircraft performance aspects, optimize designs and innovate faster, and with greater confidence. Gain early insights into the integrated aircraft behavior, from the concept phase onwards.

Pre/post-analysis visuals from the Simcenter 3D software.

Read what real engineers are saying about Simcenter

User perception is critical; it’s a reflection of how well Simcenter is doing, and whether our continuous software release cycles are resonating with you.

Simcenter G2 leader badges.
With the revolutionary search strategies available only in Simcenter, we can uncover new design concepts that improve our products and significantly reduce development costs. Interconnecting and integrating Simcenter tools in the Siemens Xcelerator business platform has been groundbreaking for us.
Dr. Tom Stoumbos, Simulation and test leader, Northrop Grumman

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do you mean by transforming aerospace engineering?

Transforming aerospace engineering, thanks to simulation and testing, refers to the use of advanced computer simulations and testing methods to revolutionize the way aircraft and spacecraft are designed, developed, and validated. By leveraging simulations and tests, engineers can digitally model and analyze various aspects of aerospace systems, such as aerodynamics, structural integrity, propulsion and control systems.

What strategies can be employed to overcome the program delays caused by siloed engineering teams?

Transitioning from siloed engineering to a comprehensive, model-based approach is a strategic move that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, collaboration and decision-making within an organization. This shift involves breaking down the traditional barriers between departments and embracing a holistic digital twin engineering strategy that integrates various aspects of engineering, design and production and leverages aerospace engineering software like Simcenter.

How to overcome slowdown caused by the traditional design-test-fail process?

Leveraging aerospace engineering software towards integrated model-based engineering for architecture definition and virtual integration provides several benefits, including faster design iteration, reduced costs, improved performance, enhanced functionality and increased reliability. It enables designers and engineers to make more informed decisions, optimize designs and ensure seamless integration before physical production or implementation.

How can aircraft certification be achieved through a meticulous and traceable verification process?

The process that embraces the tight handshake between virtual and physical testing leverages aerospace engineering software and actual physical tests to streamline the aircraft certification process, resulting in faster and more accurate evaluations of critical requirements

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