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Semiconductor Digital Thread

Easily manage the semiconductor lifecycle

Optimize the semiconductor lifecycle for seamless operations. From agriculture to electronics, semiconductors are vital. Manage efficiently to mitigate disruptions, tackle chip shortages, and enhance security and connectivity for thriving in today's ecosystem.

What is lifecycle management for semiconductors?

Lifecycle management is crucial in today's dynamic semiconductor ecosystem. With rapid evolution and complex challenges like product shortages and supply chain uncertainty, chipmakers require end-to-end solutions for effective management across all lifecycle stages. It takes a unified approach to navigate these complexities successfully.

Streamline semiconductor lifecycle processes and data

Optimize semiconductor lifecycle workflows with efficient processes and streamlined data management. Enhance productivity and innovation in semiconductor development.


Market revenue growth

With rising chip demand, emerging technologies and surging product complexity, the global semiconductor ecosystem is poised to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2030. (McKinsey & Company)


Companies using 6+ systems

Semiconductor companies need a unified, secure collaboration solution that drives efficiency and innovation. A shared data platform streamlines processes and accelerates time to market. (Tech-Clarity)


Of semiconductor IP is trade secrets

Protect your semiconductor IP with seamless, robust security solutions that safeguard your innovations and enable confident navigation through the competitive landscape. (CSIS)

Semiconductor Lifecycle Solutions

Capture semiconductor lifecycle data at each stage

From design concept to manufacturing, capture and manage semiconductor data throughout the lifecycle process.

Explore our three solution tracks. They are tailored to increase traceability, visibility and collaboration across teams.

Meet the demands of today's chip ecosystem with secure end-to-end traceability and digitalization from silicon to system.

Ensure trust and security across diverse applications.

Improve semiconductor quality and NPI processes

Reduce costs and time-to-market while enhancing collaboration and mitigating risks across your semiconductor design and manufacturing processes.


Average cost per PCB re-spin

Significantly reduce or eliminate re-spins by ensuring your design meets all functionality and performance goals before assembly through NPI processes. (Siemens)


Increased customer expectations

The demand for product quality and new product introduction time has increased exponentially over the past few years. Learn how chipmakers can move ahead, reduce design re-spins and raise quality. (Tech-Clarity)

Optimize Semiconductor Lifecycles

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Gain the confidence for faster, trustworthy decision making with our comprehensive, real-time data and analytics. Achieve clear visibility into critical processes driving your business and meet customer demands for secure, end-to-end traceability. Accelerate your organization's evolution to open connected systems, vital for competing in the volatile semiconductor ecosystem.

A close-up photo of inside an electronic hardware piece where magnetic tips are moving small chips.

Smart solutions for semiconductor lifecycle management

Product lifecycle management

Industrial IoT lifecycle analytics

Application development platform

Manufacturing execution management

IC manufacturing planning

Program management

Frequently asked questions

Our product lifecycle management software, particularly Teamcenter lifecycle management for semiconductors, offers several benefits to the semiconductor industry. It increases research and development yield and new product introduction (NPI) return on investment by streamlining processes and eliminating redundancy. Additionally, it reduces time to market and total cost of ownership through out-of-the-box workflows inspired by industry best practices. It also improves global collaboration by connecting design and manufacturing and process flows, facilitating engagements between design houses and foundries/subcons. Lastly, it ensures quality and compliance with an enterprise-wide intellectual property (IP) data management and governance model and change management system.

Our product lifecycle managment solutions optimize semiconductor processes by streamlining operations, reducing redundancy, and enhancing collaboration between design and manufacturing. Our solutions increase research and development yield, accelerate time to market, and ensure quality and compliance through advanced IP data management and governance.

Our PLM software streamlines semiconductor production by offering secure end-to-end traceability and real-time visibility into critical processes. This ensures efficient program execution, quality assurance, and faster decision-making, ultimately enhancing productivity and reducing time to market for semiconductor products.

Our PLM tools enhance semiconductor supply chains by integrating software and data management systems, leveraging automation and analytics for improved quality and traceability. We offer a unified platform for streamlined processes, global collaboration, and comprehensive quality management, ensuring efficient product development and delivery.

Yes, our software aids in semiconductor data analysis by orchestrating software and data management systems comprehensively. It integrates with enterprise systems like enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and manufacturing execution systems, leveraging advanced automation, machine learning, and predictive analytics. This unified platform ensures optimized quality, compliance and traceability while reducing costs and time to market. With streamlined processes, enhanced collaboration and efficient quality management, our solution supports thorough semiconductor lifecycle analysis.

Our solutions expedite semiconductor verification through streamlined processes, enhanced collaboration and efficient quality management. By integrating software and data management systems, leveraging automation and analytics, and providing real-time visibility into critical processes, our solutions optimize verification workflows. The comprehensive traceability and end-to-end lifecycle management capabilities ensure faster identification and resolution of issues, accelerating semiconductor verification and reducing time to market.

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