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Inżynieria morska ze zintegrowanym projektowaniem statków


Zintegrowane projektowanie statków i inżynieria morska

Dostarczaj innowacyjne projekty, które spełniają wymagania klientów i osiągają cele w zakresie wydajności na czas i w ramach budżetu. Skorzystaj z naszych rozwiązań inżynierii morskiej, aby połączyć każdy etap projektowania, od koncepcji do produkcji, i przenieść wszystkie dane do jednego wspólnego środowiska, aby usprawnić proces projektowania statku.

What is integrated ship design and marine engineering?

Avoid obstacles of the traditional ship design process which involves numerous teams using disconnected tools, leading to delays in data sharing and inefficient collaboration. Use an integrated design and engineering approach to bring all your multidisciplinary design processes into one integrated environment, empowering your organization to break down silos and increase overall enterprise productivity.

Rethink your ship design process

Leveraging an integrated design approach allows you to understand and explore every aspect of ship performance from the early stages of design, leading to reduced delivery times and lifecycle costs. Take control of your ship design process with fully integrated solutions.


Increased fuel efficiency

Leverage automated workflows and computational fluid dynamics simulations to reduce fuel consumption by 30%. (BAR Technologies)


Fuel savings

Achieve annual fuel savings of up to $3 million per ship using powerful computational fluid dynamics simulation software. (DNV)


Reduced testing time

Reduce testing time by 20% using 3D simulation tools. Shorten the test cycle and save money with virtual prototyping. (Brabant Engineering)


Digitalize your ship design process

Improve cross-domain collaboration and ensure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date data. Provide teams with the tools they need to create the best design on schedule.

Explore the three keys paths necessary to digitalize your ship design process and discover integrated solutions for each:

Shipbuilders using our solutions can achieve:


Reduced development time

Up to a 50% reduction in development time when implementing a PLM solution. (Tech Clarity)


Reduced operating expenses

A 15% reduction in operating expenses when using digital technologies. (KPMG)



Up to 100% decarbonization in shipping with improved hydrodynamics and alternative fuel sources. (DNV)

case study


Case Study

Unlocking the engineering power of marine simulation and testing for cutting-edge ship design


Branża:Przemysł morski

Lokalizacja:Genoa, Italy

Siemens Software:Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter Amesim, Simcenter Flomaster, Simcenter STAR-CCM+, Simcenter Testing Solutions

Using the Simcenter simulation tool, we can gain valuable insight into future ship launches for our clients and analyze the effect that different design solutions will have.
Dr. Davide Grassi, Senior Naval Architect, CETENA

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Harness the power of digitalization to manage complex ship designs, mitigate risk and gain a competitive advantage with our integrated solutions.

Marine engineering with integrated ship design

Optimize ship design with marine engineering solutions

Explore our portfolio of end-to-end digital solutions for integrated ship design.

Multidisciplinary ship design

Marine performance engineering

Electrical systems development

Cloud SaaS product lifecycle management

Cross-domain design collaboration

Systems Engineering

Frequently asked questions

How does marine engineering software benefit the maritime industry?

As the marine industry faces increasing pressure to adhere to sustainability legislation regulations, marine engineering software empowers shipbuilders to engineer new ship designs that integrate innovative propulsion systems and alternative fuel sources. These solutions equip shipbuilders with the tools they need to meet the rising demand for sustainable shipping while remaining efficient and reducing costs.

How does Siemens software support ship design and engineering processes?

Siemens integrated ship design and engineering solutions connect each design stage from concept through production to streamline the design process. This approach helps shipbuilders make the right design decisions and minimize risks of delays and errors, empowering them to deliver complex ships faster and within budget.

How does integrated ship design software enhance collaboration among shipbuilding teams?

Our integrated ship design software uses a centralized data backbone to bring all design data into one environment. This approach connects all disciplines, allowing various teams to easily share and manage data — ensuring that everyone has access to the information they need, when they need it.

What types of shipbuilders can benefit from integrated design and marine engineering solutions?

Our integrated design and marine engineering solutions can help shipbuilders design a range of vessels, including commercial ships, naval vessels and yachts.

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