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Enterprise asset management software

Improve productivity and performance by connecting the entire lifecycle of your capital assets. Build a robust digital foundation to unlock the value of your asset data and drive sustainability and innovation using our cutting-edge asset management software.

Accelerate your enterprise asset management

Introduce a consistent process framework to consolidate and connect your enterprise asset management data. Digitalize the complete lifecycle of your capital assets across design, build and operations to reduce costs, maximize profits and achieve more predictable outcomes. Eliminate organizational barriers and disconnected data silos to reduce capital project delivery costs, time and returns.

Power transformation across your capital projects

Leading companies are prioritizing investments in emerging technologies and asset management software. Discover how these organizations are succeeding with our asset management solutions.


Reduced wind power component assembly time

Learn how upgrading PLM software enabled significant advances in wind power solution assembly. (Acciona Wind Power)


Savings from enhanced global collaboration

Discover how a leading petroleum technology company was able to boost productivity, efficiency and profitability with global collaboration. (FMC Technologies)


Design practices with knowledge consolidation

Consolidate corporate knowledge into a single unified platform from concept to maintenance. (Ansaldo Energia)

Asset Management Solutions

Accelerate productivity, performance and sustainability

Our solutions enable you transform the performance of your capital projects to lower operational costs, maximize profitability and deliver more predictable outcomes. Here are three paths to achieve this:

Unleash the full value of your data to power projects and operational performance:

  • Manage accurate and up-to-date information across a scalable, secure and controlled environment
  • Provide a trusted enterprise 'single source of truth' that connects stakeholders to information when they need it
  • Visualize, re-use and work with data at an enterprise level and across the asset lifecycle
  • Accelerate cross-functional team collaboration
  • Extract valuable insights while streamlining data-driven decision-making

Digitalize the full lifecycle of your capital assets

Capital project investments are surging, with US $130 trillion expected to be spent on renewing and decarbonizing critical infrastructure by 2027. According to McKinsey & Company: Capital Projects 5.0, companies that reimagine their capital project delivery could have the opportunity to achieve:


Cost reductions


Time improvements


Quality and repeatability enhancements

Case Study


Global PLM implementation boosts sustainability of hydroelectric power plant designer
Case Study

Global PLM implementation boosts sustainability of hydroelectric power plant designer


Industry:Energy & utilities

Location:Linz, Weiz, Vienna, Austria

Siemens Software:Teamcenter

Teamcenter plays a strategic role in our success in the market as it ideally supports ANDRITZ HYDRO engineers in designing hydroelectric power plants, from water to wire, collaboratively across the globe.
Ulrich Lanz, Head of Application Engineering Services, ANDRITZ GROUP
Enhance asset lifecycle management

Explore our resource library

Use our asset lifecycle management software to unleash new productivity levels, performance enhancements and sustainability while cutting costs and achieving more predictable outcomes.

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Solutions to improve capital project management

Program management

Product lifecycle management

Requirements and verification management

Capital asset lifecycle management

Performance engineering

Low-code application development platform

Frequently asked questions

How will Siemens software improve enterprise asset management for my energy and utilities operations?

Our integrated lifecycle approach can improve energy and utilities operations by unlocking the full value of your enterprise asset management data. By connecting people, processes and data across the lifecycle of your capital assets, our software can help your your business:

  • Unleash new levels of productivity and collaboration across the enterprise
  • Optimize asset performance and sustainability
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Maximize profits
  • Achieve more predictable outcomes

What software and solutions does Siemens offer for asset lifecycle management?

To help energy and utilities optimize their capital asset lifecycle management, our software and solutions include:

What capital asset lifecycle management software does Siemens offer for energy and utilities companies?

We offer energy and utilities companies Teamcenter for CALM to manage capital asset and project information across the lifecycle. This capital asset lifecycle management software enables a PLM-based approach to help asset-intensive companies transition to digitalization by offering solutions for the planning, design, construction and operation of a capital asset plus the systems and equipment that make up the asset. Teamcenter for CALM weaves a digital thread throughout the capital asset lifecycle, from project delivery to operations, to deliver advanced capital project management capabilities and a simulation-driven approach to design, construction and operations.

What software solutions are available to improve cost, time and quality of project delivery?

We offer a range of integrated software solutions that can help energy and utilities companies improve cost, time and quality of project delivery. These solutions include Teamcenter program management and Teamcenter for CALM. When used together, businesses gain improved visibility of project performance and while establishing a more repeatable approach for capital project handover and delivery.

Furthermore, organizations can minimize project risks or propose changes earlier in the project lifecycle before they become too costly. Combined with the ability to reuse best practices and lessons learned from previous projects, energy and utilities businesses can deliver continual, ongoing improvements that reduce project delivery costs, time and risks while achieving more predictable outcomes.

What software solutions does Siemens offer to aggregate, visualize and re-use data at an enterprise level?

We offer integrated, cloud-based software solutions that enable energy and utilities businesses to aggregate, visualize and re-use data at an enterprise level. These include:

Using these solutions, businesses can achieve new levels of productivity and performance while managing change more easily. Requirements are connected to all capital asset lifecycle stages, and adopting a systems-driven approach keeps people, processes and data in sync.

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