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Siemens Xcelerator for Education

Engineering Pathway for High School

Engineering Pathway for High School is a turnkey learning application that empowers educators to inspire and engage students to learn about engineering. The pathway includes a project-based curriculum, engineering design software, classroom management tools, and professional development resources.

Engineering Pathway for High School Pre-Release Program

We're excited to offer eligible secondary school educators complimentary early access to Engineering Pathway for High School. Contact us using the link below to claim your free one-year subscription!

This pre-release program is available by invitation-only. Please include the invitation code received in your invitation email with your request to confirm eligibility.

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Reducing the barriers to teach engineering

Educators play a critical role in increasing student interest, engagement, and access to engineering fundamentals. These fundamentals build the problem-solving and critical thinking skills that can prepare students for the jobs of the future–regardless of their career or post-secondary choices.

Teaching engineering can seem overwhelming, which is why we developed a fully integrated application to support you. Our turnkey solution drives 21st-century learning and includes all the resources and support educators and students need.

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Siemens Engineering Pathway for High School

Our curated pathway, a part of the Siemens Xcelerator for Education platform, creates access to engineering education in a way that removes barriers and is fully aligned with today’s academic learning standards and tomorrow’s industry needs.

This is more than an engineering program, it's an interactive application that provides teaching and learning experiences in the academic, technical and social aspects of life and education.
Alfred Daniel Olivas, Curriculum Curator & STEAM Outreach Coordinator, Insights Science Discovery - El Paso, TX

What does Engineering Pathway for High School include?

The Engineering Pathway for High School includes everything you need: high school engineering curriculum, industry software, classroom management tools, and professional development resources.

Get started today with our cloud-based solution

Cloud-based access to the Engineering Pathway for High School means you can access the tools you need instantly, using readily accessible classroom hardware – including Windows PCs, MacBooks, and Chromebooks.

By choosing the Engineering Pathway for High School from Siemens, you are investing in a comprehensive and enriching educational application that will inspire your students to become tomorrow's problem solvers and innovators.

To learn more about professional development resources, including our upcoming podcast, videos, and course materials, join our educator community.

As a world leader in engineering and digital technologies and an employer of thousands of engineers,
we are committed to improving access to high school engineering curriculum and resources as a strategy for increasing and diversifying the make-up of students exposed to engineering. Together we can shape the future of engineering education.

Certified by the world's leading EdTech community

Engineering Pathway for High School has been certified by 1EdTech for meeting their rigorous data protection and privacy standards. This recognition highlights our position as a trusted technology provider to the EdTech community.